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Applying to NUA is a process of showing us who you are as an individual, your ambition as a creative professional and your passion for your subject – we can’t wait to meet you.

The application process for international students happens in three main stages.

First, you will submit an application, which includes your personal details, academic achievements, a formal statement and a reference.

Next you will be asked to submit a portfolio of creative work. This portfolio should show us what you’re interested in, the technical skills you currently have, as well as your creative potential.

Finally, you’ll take part in an interview, either online or face to face if you are in the UK. This is an opportunity to ask questions you have, talk about your creative practice and explain why you’d like to join the course you’ve selected. You will know the outcome of your interview within 5 business days.

If you’ve been made an offer you will find out within a week of your interview.

If you’re offered a place on the course, you will receive one of two offers. An unconditional offer means that you have met all the University’s academic and English language requirements. A conditional offer means that you have a place, but you must meet certain conditions first (usually achieving an academic or English language qualification).

If you apply through UCAS to more than one institution, you’ll be asked to make a decision by the deadlines set each academic year. When you accept the offer that you want to take above all the other offers, you will firm your offer. The university that is your second choice – not your top choice – becomes your insurance choice. It’s important that you choose the right institution for your firm choice, as this can be difficult to change at a later date. If you choose not to accept an offer, you should formally decline the offer.

If you no longer want to pursue a place at the University or have taken an offer from a university in another country, you should formally withdraw your application. Please notify the International Office if you would like to withdraw your application.

If you apply directly to more than one institution, you will either accept or decline your offer by contacting the relevant admissions office. Let all institutions know your decision, even if you wish to decline their offer. This helps them to reallocate your place to another applicant.

If you select NUA as your firm choice, you should progress with the next stage of your application even if it’s a conditional offer. With that offer you can still apply for housing and scholarships. There will be deadlines when you must choose a university, so you shouldn’t wait until you have your final results to accept or decline an offer.

“Throughout the international application process the staff has been so responsive to every detail. We would like to thank the staff for all they have done for us. We are thrilled to have a student at NUA.”

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Meet us

NUA representatives travel to international events to meet prospective students, provide advice on their portfolios, chat about courses and discuss issues arising through international study. Learn more about events in your country.

If you’re in the UK why not attend one of our free Open Day events? Open Days are held throughout the year for prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students to visit the University campus. Most importantly you can find out key details about the course from course leaders and current students.

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If you would like to arrange a visit outside of the scheduled Open Days, contact us directly: international@nua.ac.uk.


3 year undergraduate degrees

In England three-year degree programs are standard. When students complete their degrees, they earn a Bachelor of Arts with Honours or Bachelor of Science with Honours.


What is Year 0?

We offer four year degrees in four disciplines – Film, Fine Art, Games and Graphics. This is ideal for students who need to develop their skills and knowledge in the subject area.


1 year postgraduate degrees

British Universities offer one and two-year degree programmes at the postgraduate level (this is the term for what is called graduate studies elsewhere in the world). NUA offers one-year, full time MA courses for international students. These intense, practice-based courses offer artists and designers a way to advance their professional prospects. Students graduate they earn a Masters of Arts.

When To Apply

Non-EU students typically apply by mid-spring, with most applying by the end of January. However, non-EU students are welcome to make an application until mid to late August.

How To Apply

Undergraduate applicants should submit their applications via The Universities and College Admission Service (UCAS). In some cases undergraduate candidates can submit direct applications. MA candidates should submit direct applications. You can find the application form on the Apply for an MA page or by contacting the International Office.


English Language Requirements

NUA requires all students to satisfy the English language requirements set by UK Visa and Immigration. Typically students are asked to achieve an overall score of 6.0 with 5.5 in each section of the UKVI approved IELTS exam. Exams must be taken at an approved test centre and be no more than two years old when the visa application is submitted.

Learn more about taking an IELTS exam.

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English Language support at NUA

Learning a new language does not end when you satisfy our entry requirements and enrol at NUA. This is just the beginning! Once you start your course you will be challenged to take your writing, conversation and listening skills beyond what we require at the application stage. To help you advance, we offer all of our students twice-weekly English language tuition for free with ICS. Details of our English language support are made available upon enrolment.


Portfolio guidance

All applicants are asked to provide a portfolio to show their suitability for the course. Applicants applying from overseas are allowed to submit a digital portfolio of work. You can find portfolio guidance on the Portfolio Guidance page or by contacting the International Office.


Interview guidance

To fully grasp your academic and creative potential we will want to speak to you either face to face on campus or via Skype. You can find interview guidance on the Interview Guidance page or contact the International Office.


Contact time

NUA students enjoy close contact with lecturers and technicians throughout their studies. You can find out more about contact time for the course you’re interested in on the Unistats website.



International students can look forward to a place in NUA accommodation if they apply by the University’s deadline, typically the middle of May. Applicants who have been made an offer will be notified when they can apply for accommodation. Postgraduates, second and third year undergraduate students are supported to find off-campus accommodation.


UCAS Terms explained

During the UCAS application process, you will hear lots of specific terms used. Take a look at the UCAS terms explained page to help you understand what they mean.


Industry accreditation

Creative Skillset‘s course accreditation scheme, devised in consultation with industry and education providers, recognises courses within the UK that provide exceptional standards of training.