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UX Lab

NUA User Experience lab

Our UX Lab, or User Testing Lab, tests how users respond to digital products or services.

Users are asked to complete a task, usually explaining their thought process throughout, on a PC, a Mac, a smart phone, a tablet or a games console. They might be asked to compete a specific task, for example, “book yourself a holiday to Marrakech” or simply to explore a website, app, game, film or animation. The user sits in the lab, with a researcher/moderator and is guided through the test.

The responses of the user can be recorded in two different ways for analysis after the test is completed:

  • Their journey is recorded by a piece of software, called Morae, running in the background which tracks their progress
  • Their eye movements are tracked using the Tobii eye tracker

Clients or design teams can watch the research live in the Ideas Factory boardroom or can assess the results after the test is complete. Typically, the same test is carried out a number of times with different users so that it’s possible to compare their responses.

This type of research is valuable because it can give quantitative, practical information about usability but also a rich depth of qualitative information about their responses. It can identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement. It can be used throughout the design process or to test an existing digital product or service.

The UX Lab is offered for commercial use with a menu of costs. This allows those businesses that would like to use the facility to choose how they do so and how much extra help they need. ‘How to’ guides for the research methodology itself and all of the equipment is available to commercial clients. NUA technicians will ensure that you are supported in use of the equipment.

Price list:

  • Basic hire per half day (includes lab, viewing facility & tech support) £300 + VAT
  • Basic hire + half day in NUA incubator to assess data £350 + VAT
  • Hire to include front of house service to receive respondents £350 + VAT
  • Hire to include trained moderator for a half day £550 + VAT
  • Basic hire per full day (includes lab, viewing facility & tech support) £600 +VAT
  • Hire to include trained moderator for a full day £850 + VAT

**Moderator’s fee may vary depending on project

**The UX Lab is available for hire for training purposes

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All enquiries about the use of this facility are very welcome. Please contact Beth Sowersby in the Business and Employability team. Email: B.sowersby@nua.ac.uk or phone: 01603 751642.