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The Craft Brewing Company Ltd is a start up venture founded in Norwich with a passion for brewing and great beer. Prior to set up they toured breweries around Europe looking for inspiration, taking time to visit brewers that shared their passion for great tasting beer. They discovered that not all beers are brewed for the same amount of time, with many multinational industrial brewers creating lagers from minimal brew times to maximise profits, while minimising flavour.


The ideasfactory@NUA was briefed to create a beer brand from scratch that would appeal to mass-market beer brand drinkers and craft beer drinkers alike. The name ‘Redwell’ was already decided upon, and coincidentally named after the street on which the University is sited, as it is also the location of the company’s bar, where the beer would be launched. For students, designing the identity for a beer is almost the perfect brief, so there was a lot of interest.

The brief asked for a stand alone logo lock up, tap lenses, bottle labels, bar mats, bar runners, posters and a website. The brand required a sophisticated look that would hold its own equally in trendy east London pubs and more upmarket west London bars. The brand would launch with a portfolio of different products including three lagers, and India Pale Ale and American Pale Ale so required an identity system, with easy to interpret coding to allow customers to distinguish between the specific products.


A group of 20 very excited third year BA Graphic Design students were tasked with developing concepts for the brand and they presented ideas to the client showing the brand logo lock up in isolation as well as across a number of different products to show the flexibility of their design. A total of eight concepts were presented with ideas also shown for adverting and sales promotion. All of the concepts were well received with three selected for further development.

Following a development stage, one design was chosen and realised with a number of partners involved to offer technical advice including Norwich Labels based in Attleborough and Redwell’s contract bottling partner.


The finished design for the brand includes a brand mark featuring an hourglass to represent the importance of the longer brewing time. The hourglass has a bottle hidden in it reinforcing this further.

The bottle label shape is inspired by the ticket you take as you wait in-line at the Deli, and plays on a consumer’s willingness to wait for something that tastes delicious. The different beers are presented in a collection of contemporary colours, giving each brand clear stand out while also presenting a confident collection of products for the brand.

Client quote

We are all exceptionally pleased with the design work done for us by the ideasfactory@NUA. It was an absolute joy working with the team throughout, from the patient and professional work developing our brief with us, to the overwhelmingly creative and enthusiastic proposals from the students, to the careful and responsive development of our final chosen designs into what is a truly innovative and unique brand. Our designs really tap into the ethos of our brewery and the style of our products, and we couldn’t be prouder to present our beers in such beautiful and thoughtful packaging.

Benjamin Thompson
Director, The Craft Brewing Company Ltd

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Redwell beer

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Redwell label artwork

We are all exceptionally pleased with the design work done for us by the ideasfactory@NUA.

Benjamin Thompson
Director, The Craft Brewing Company Ltd


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