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Norfolk Museums Service



In the summer of 2013, Norfolk Museum Services (formally NMAS) undertook a major project to overhaul their brand. The NMS team were determined to set the strategic course for the future and this project was developed alongside a 5 year strategy for the service, which will see the organisation consolidate its position as an expert in its field, and open its doors to a wider commercial use of its assets.

The Museum Service comprises 10 sites, and boasts diverse artefacts in impressive settings across the county. It also carries out highly skilled work behind the scenes, in such diverse areas as curation, conservation and research.


The brief to ideasfactory@NUA was to develop a logo which reflects the expert status of the work that the Museum Service carries out, in a modern, motivating way. The new logo for the service would sit as an overarching identity, with the separate personalities of the 10 sites remaining underneath. This meant that the core brand needed to stand for more than just the sum of its parts. The new strategy will also see the various museum locations open their doors as a venue for weddings, ceremonies, conferences, seminars, educational experiences. As such, the core brand also needed to look more commercial, and sit appropriately within this very different competitive set.


The students began by visiting Norwich Castle, to understand the full extent of the service’s operation. It was on this visit that they noticed the Bigod Arch, a jewel of Norman Architecture on the first floor of the Castle Keep. The arch was built by the first Normans to settle in Norfolk, and is decorated with scenes and motifs from their life at the time. From their research, the student team went on to deliver seven different creative routes, for review with the client.


From the initial wide range of ideas, the final route, ‘Arch’ was developed. The logo echoes the distinctive shape of the ‘Bigod’ arch. Using a simple, easy to read typeface, the ten segments of the arch represent the ten very different sites the service brings together, as well as the varied, excellent work that the Museum Service carries out across the county. The result is a design which is simple, distinctive, and could only belong to Norfolk.

Client quote

Norfolk Museums & Archaeology Service changed its name to the slightly punchier Norfolk Museums Service this year so we needed a new logo. We are very pleased that we chose the Ideas Factory. The whole redesign process ran smoothly and the students were very professional throughout. They showed great sympathy and understanding of the mission of the Service and responded with a range of high quality creative designs. We’re delighted with our new branding and have had very positive feedback from our stakeholders and staff.

Jo Warr
Programme Manager, NMS

The whole redesign process ran smoothly and the students were very professional throughout.

Jo Warr
Programme Manager, NMS

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