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Maxwell and Williams

Model making commission


Maxwell and Williams is a premium homewares brand synonymous with tasteful white porcelain. The brand’s ranges include over 1,200 products. The brand is now available to buy at Snetterton Park in ‘The Model & Toy Expo’, an independent retailer of toys, models, arts & crafts which is marketed as the world’s greatest Model & Toy Shop.


In order to compete with businesses selling products online, Snetterton Park aims to create elements of retail theatre, which entertain and amaze children and parents while in the store. The halls are filled with intricate and detailed scenes made up of scale models, which can be purchased in the store. The ideasfactory@NUA were briefed to create two life-size models made of Maxwell and Williams white porcelain crockery. One of a bull and the other of a bride in a wedding dress.


The bull model plays homage to the phrase ‘bull in a china shop’ and is a life-size representation of a Spanish bull. The pose is deliberately aggressive, head down, hooves scraping at the ground. Areas such as the hooves and horns are finished in a satin white paint. Different sized plates, bowls and saucers are used to portray different muscular areas on the bulls powerful frame.

The bride is more refined, with a delicate floor length gown made up of the classic white crockery. A splash of colour is added through the use of wine coloured espresso cups and saucers used to represent the bride’s bouquet. Many Maxwell and Williams customers buy gifts from a wedding list, hence the use of the bride model.

Client Quote

“NUA really did an unbelievable job. The images have gone to all Maxwell and Williams’ distributors worldwide and everyone is raving about these two pieces of art. They all now want one (the bull!).”

Michael Stein
Managing Director, Valerie Graham Ltd (Maxwell and Williams UK Distributor)

Bull sculpture made of crockery

-The Bull

“NUA really did an unbelievable job…everyone is raving about these two pieces of art.”

Michael Stein
Managing Director, Valerie Graham Ltd (Maxwell and Williams UK Distributor)