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BREAK was chosen as NUA’s charity of the year in 2012, and therefore benefited from working with the creative community of academic staff and students at the University College. The charity supports children, young people and families across East Anglia including young people in care and moving on, children and young people with disabilities, families in need of support and children at risk.


Break wanted to develop a campaign to raise awareness of their work in the region. With a very limited budget for media spend, the campaign creative needed to be an idea which could be viewed digitally and had the potential to go viral by being forwarded, linked to and tweeted by viewers.

The charity briefed the ideas factory and animation department to generate the creative idea, and a group of students worked in teams under the guidance of course leader Jodie Wick.


36 students submitted ideas for the project and third year student Andrew Jackson’s idea was chosen. His submission formed part of his course work and counted towards his degree as well as being a pivotal part of Break’s project.

The idea conveyed through CGI digital animation features a seedling character, talking to camera about the hardship of being abandoned at a young age, the negative effect on its behaviour to others and then the positivity of being found by Break and re-homed.

The seedling character is a tactful representation of a child, that brings a difficult topic to front of mind in an engaging and thought provoking way, while trying to ensure that the viewer does not switch off the film, as can be the case with some hard hitting charity messages, despite their best intentions.

Daniel Roche, who plays Ben from BBC1’s Outnumbered, supplied the seedling voice over. Once the concept had been approved by Break, the animation was produced in house at NUA.


The 30 second animation will form part of Break’s digital platform moving forward in 2013. It is hoped that ‘Jack’ will finally go public to highlight children in care, this year.

Client quote

The staff and students at NUA have been great fun to work with and so professional.

Liz Richards
Senior Communications Officer, BREAK

Break campaign by Andrew Jackson, BA Animation

Great fun to work with and so professional.

Liz Richards
Senior Communications Officer, BREAK