Teaching in the Now #7
  • Teaching in the Now #7

    Sunday 11 June 2023 | 10.30am – 12.30pm

    We welcome you to join us for the seventh Teaching in the Now CPD free online session created by NEATEN (North East Art Teacher Educator Network) and NEAT (Norfolk and East Anglia Art Teachers). 

    NEATEN and NEAT joined together during the COVID-19 lockdown to support teachers, technicians, advisers and practitioners and are still very much committed to working together creatively for our audiences of art educators across the UK and beyond.

    Voluntary donations

    The event is free to attend, but we are asking for voluntary donations to the Arts Emergency youth arts charity arts-emergency.org.


    Sunday 11 June | 10.30am to 12.30pm

    • Welcome from Susan Coles and event lead Ro Mason
    • Desmond Brett: Creative workshop TBC
    • Emily Careless and Rosa Hackett: Early Career Teachers (ECT) from Sandhill View Academy Sunderland share their Easy Wins – quick easy tasks to motivate the less engaged students.
    • Susan Coles: My 10 years of Sketchbook Circle – Susan Coles relives a decade of sharing books in this very successful project.
    • Helen Homewood: Sketchbook Circle Residential Cambridge 2023 – Helen Homewood shares the story.
    • Amy Lee: Signposting Success – Raising the profile of Art in a school and community. 
    • Ro Mason: Year 8 Monster Project.

    Who are we?

    North East Art Teacher/Educator Network (NEATEN)

    Established in 2007 as a network for art educators, and now in our 14th year here in the north east of England. We have expanded outside of our region this year in response to the global  pandemic, and we believe firmly in the wisdom of crowds.

    We advocate for our subject and its rightful place in the curriculum, we showcase and share good practice in all phases of education and we connect, collaborate and create together. Follow us on Twitter/Insta @NEATENart

    Facebook group – NEATEN

    Network of East Anglian Art Teachers (NEAAT)

    We believe the Arts are special in our region: NEAAT was created in 2019 to meet the need for Art teachers in East Anglia to be part of an empowering and enriching network of fellow educators that can support each other and help develop an exciting provision for our students.

    Supported by the Norwich University of Art we work together to connect, inspire and empower Art teachers from all aspects of the profession, creating a network with other providers to ensure the longevity of the subject beyond school and qualifications; enabling the practitioners of the future. Art is fun and everyone should be doing it!

    We are quite new but have a fantastic range of members and are growing every year. Over the past year we have expanded into provided online workshops that have expanded into the UK and abroad. Follow us on twitter @NEAAT3

    Facebook group – NEAAT 

    Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Network of East Anglian Art Teachers

    C&P NEAAT is a new network for Art teachers within Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

    Facebook group – C&P NEAAT

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