Ryan Gander: The Gift
  • Ryan Gander: The Gift

    Tuesday 3 May – Saturday 16 July | East GalleryNUA

    Working from his father’s often repeated phrase ‘Time is your greatest asset’, internationally renowned conceptual artist Ryan Gander presents an exhibition examining the currency of time.

    Ryan Gander O.B.E, RA Elect, is an internationally renowned conceptual artist working across media including sculpture, fashion, writing, installation, and performance. His work is often compared to a puzzle; a game in which the artist stages the fragments of a set of clues to be decoded or interpreted by the viewer.

    “In his site-specific presentation for East GalleryNUA, multiple new works centre around ‘Everything is Broken Down’, 2022, from which each visitor is offered a free gift.”

    With the support of the Norfolk and Norwich Festival and Norwich University of the Arts the exhibition presents multiple new works, including Everything is Broken Down, 2022 in which the artist offers a free gift for every visitor.

    With a coin, dispatched automatically by a motion sensor, Gander gifts an agent of dichotomy, a portable charm that presents a moment to make a choice, just as one might flip a coin. On one side ‘Time is your greatest asset’ on the other ‘Let the world take a turn’, the piece offers a decision between action or stillness, doing or not doing. A true exercise in agency, and a gesture towards the economic currency of time.

    Following the same theme, Gander and East GalleryNUA are pleased to collaborate with Houghton Hall, where ‘More really shiny things that don’t mean anything’, 2012 will be displayed in the landscape.

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    This exhibition is suitable for all ages, and entrance is free

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