Network of East Anglian Art Teachers (NEAAT): Animation CPD workshop

Network of East Anglian Art Teachers (NEAAT): Animation CPD workshop

Monday 30 March 2020

This event is now cancelled.

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The Network of East Anglian Art Teachers (NEAAT) believe the arts are special in East Anglia and that art teachers need to be part of an empowering and enriching network of fellow educators that can support and help develop an exciting provision for students.

Fundamentals of Character Design Workshop

You will explore the full range of processes to underpin and inform good character design, with a view to creating a character cast and how they work within a narrative.

This session informs character design not only for animation but also other mediums such as illustration, sculpture and games design.

This can be also used across the curriculum in all subjects, for example if your students are studying Egypt, you could use this method for them to really think about what Egyptians were like, by asking them to develop a character who could have lived in those times

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