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Kaelin O'Hare, Norwich University of the Arts Illustration student sitting outside


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Kaelin O’Hare
BA (Hons) Illustration.

The Top 7 Green Spaces of Norwich

Words and illustrations by second year student, Kaelin O’Hare, BA (Hons) Illustration

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As university students, it’s easy to find ourselves walking the same paths through the city each day, caught up in the rut of work and errands. But there is much to be gained by taking detours. Within Norwich exists an abundance of landscapes designated for stretching the body, relieving the mind, and rediscovering our creativity. Here are my top 7 green spaces of Norwich:

1. Eaton Park

Eaton Park, Norwich illustrated by Kaelin O'Hare

An afternoon at Eaton Park is well worth the walk outside the city centre. The expansive park engages the community with many recreational activities, including a skate park, tennis courts, gardens, golf, a café, and a lily pond.

2. Chapelfield Gardens

Chapelfield Gardens illustrated by Kaelin O'Hare

Located on the edge of the city centre, Chapelfield is a nearby opportunity for time spent playing Frisbee, eating ice cream, or sketching in the gazebo.

3. Riverside Walk

Riverside Walk, Norwich illustrated by Kaelin O'Hare

The connecting paths along the river will lead you by grassy banks and bridges, keeping the River Wensum on one side and Norwich’s skyline running on the other.

4. Norwich Cathedral

Norwich Cathedral Norwich illustrated by Kaelin O'Hare

Not only does the Cathedral exist as a major landmark of Norwich, but the grounds surrounding its architecture provide space for peace and reflection.

5. Heigham Park

Heigham Park, Norwich illustrated by Kaelin O'Hare

Small and quiet, this tucked away park lends itself to those seeking to enjoy nature without the buzz of the city.

6. Waterloo Park

Waterloo Park, Norwich illustrated by Kaelin O'Hare

Unlike Heigham in size, but not in spirit, Waterloo invites the surrounding community to play sports, spend time with friends and family, or just relax in its large stretches of grass.

7. Mousehold Heath

Mousehold Heath, Norwich illustrated by Kaelin O'Hare

Of all the green spaces in Norwich, Mousehold Heath probably feels the most removed. As a result, time spent in Mousehold allows the mind to wander almost as much as your feet do, trekking amongst the trees and shrubs.

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