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“As an MA student, there’s a focus on students being able to follow their own path to develop their practice.”

Jeanette Bolton-Martin
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Books and studio space taken by Jeanette Bolton-Martin

What is an average day in the life of a Masters student at NUA?

Photographed and written by Jeanette Bolton-Martin, MA Photography.

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Truth is, there isn’t really a standard day, we have taught sessions on a Thursday that vary from seminars, interdisciplinary tutorials and group critiques alongside guest lectures and artist talks in East GalleryNUA dotted around the week, but that’s where the standard format ends.

Cameras in the studio by Jeanette Bolton-Martin

Life in the studio

Life as a Masters student varies wildly due to the vast array of practices on the course; ranging from pattern cutting and painting to screen printing, curation, concept art and working with scent. There’s a focus on students being able to follow their own path. I’m a part time MA Photography student in my final year, which means that I’ve begun my art school magnum opus, or the Masters project as its better known.

Studio atmosphere

At the moment my standard day revolves around the process of research, both in the form of copious amounts of reading and practice led. My studio work forms part of my research process as I’m using my practice to explore new ways of presenting the photographic image. Although as a part time student I don’t have an official studio space and I enjoy spending time drifting in and out of my friend’s spaces, conversing with and watching other artists at work especially when their process is so different to your own.

A lunchtime talk at East GalleryNUA with Jerwood Painting Fellow, Dale Lewis where I work as a Gallery Intern.

Time for reflection

Within the MA studio we have a communal space which is a good base room if you need somewhere to get some work done. Due to my practice I also work between the Photography studios, Library or out on location depending on what I’m doing that day; alongside frequenting the various cafes mentioned in Jordan Hudson’s post, Café No.33 being a particular favourite.

St Georges Building of Norwich University of the Arts at night

At the moment I’m working on a project exploring the relationship between landscape and memory while seeking to find alternative methods of presenting the photographs e.g through installation and working with projection. There’s no set time for my end of day, it can be anything from 6pm or until the university closes late in the evening, but generally after I unwind with friends, either heading to the Playhouse or the Sir Garnet and sometimes seeing what’s on at Cinema City.

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MA Fine Art student Mattis Wiedmann at work at Norwich University of the Arts

MA Fine Art student Mattis Wiedmann at work at Norwich University of the Arts

MA Fine Art student Mattis Wiedmann at work

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