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Norwich University of the Arts Textile Design students visiting Versailles Paris standing outside the gates

Our course trip – Textile Design students explore Paris

Words and photography by third year student, Shannon Jode BA (Hons) Textile Design

Each year, many of NUA’s courses have the opportunity to go on trips across the world. BA Graphic Design, BA Design for Publishing and BA Graphic Communication visited New York last year, and BA VFX visited Stuggart. This year, BA Fashion Communication and Promotion are visiting Berlin, BA Fine Art are visiting Amsterdam and BA Textile Design got the opportunity to explore Paris! Here are a few of my highlights from Paris.

We set off early one Tuesday morning from Norwich heading for Calais ready to take on Paris! The main aim of our trip was to explore Première Vision, one of the biggest global events for fashion and textiles.

First stop – Versailles!

Looking at the grandness of the Versailles Palace and wandering the decadent halls, corridors and rooms was almost quite overwhelming, but a sight we just couldn’t miss whilst in Paris. The architecture was inspiring and left me with plenty of wonderful memories and imagery to kick start my next woven project.

The hall of mirrors oh what a sight, even on a grey day the mirrors still light the room in a spectacular matter and take your breath away. When walking through that hall, I thought “Imagine what these walls have seen, this floor I stand on now, has once hosted royalty.” What a feeling!

Textiles students look at painting in Paris

Students explore Monet’s Water Lilies

Sheila Hicks exhibition

We made a trip to the Pompidou Centre, the architecture was a marvel and something I couldn’t quite get my head around. It is also where we toured a Sheila Hicks exhibition, and I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was a textile dream and extraordinary. If you’re reading this and love what you see just as much as I did then look her up, she is a very interesting woman.

Norwich University of the Arts students standing outside the Notre Dame in Paris

We love Paris!

Although the journey was somewhat long it was well worth it, experiencing new foods such as snails which were not that bad, being stunned by the most amazing views, Sheila Hicks, Versailles, Monet’s Water Lilies, The Eiffel Tower, and more!

Then looking out from great heights on a city that sparkles so brightly at night, so brightly that cameras can’t quite capture the breathtaking view. I now have all the inspiration I need to take this back to my practice in Norwich!

Shannon Jode, BA Textile Design student in the Textile Design studio in a blue shirt


“The architecture was inspiring and left me with plenty of wonderful memories and imagery to kick start my next woven project.”

Shannon Jode
BA (Hons) Textile Design.

Students in front of the fountain at Versailles, Paris

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Sheila Hicks Exhibition board

– Sheila Hicks exhibition

Pancake Day in Paris, pancake on a plate

– Tucking into crepes!

Students in front of the fountain at Versailles, Paris
Colourful fabric and thread from the Sheila Hicks exhibition in Paris

– Sheila Hicks exhibition

– Research in Paris!

Snapchat filter image of Versailles

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