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Student work

BA VFX concept work

BA (Hons) VFX, 2017 showreel

Mall by Steph Woodward, BA (Hons) VFX, Year 1

“I love to contemplate how nature would re-claim the planet if humans ceased to exist. The Chernobyl disaster in 1986 inspired me to develop this idea. I’m really interested in the possibilities of Matte Painting, so this is my visualisation of a well-known shopping mall in Norwich. I had to subtract the busy crowds of shoppers from the photo and tried to introduce a rather dark and sombre atmosphere.”

Forest by Robert Keable, BA (Hons) VFX, Year 1

“I wanted to try out a night scene, so I chose a cottage in the woods. The shot is only illuminated by the lights in the Cottage, the lamps and the moon. The water gives a bit of atmosphere and you can almost imagine hear the sound effects”.

Shoemaker by Jack Pond, BA (Hons) VFX, Year 2

“A production company got in touch to see if I’d be interested in working on a complex Green Screen project. It had been shot on a RED at 5k, and there were challenges to do with green spill, and matchmoving in 3D. It was great experience, and it was a real eye-opener being on set, and getting the best out of our actor. This was a proof of concept shot and will be seen by some of the biggest brands around, so who knows where it might lead?”

Night Battlement by Nathan Reynolds, BA (Hons) VFX, Year 1

“I decided to go around my local town of Wymondham and just take pictures of whatever caught my eye, ranging from old shopping streets to the Abbey and cemetery. When I got all of the pictures onto my computer I spotted the image of Wymondham Abbey. I was particularly inspired by Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur film recently, so I used this as the basis for the idea of a medieval fortress set into a wild landscape.”

Robotchio by Luke Pett, BA (Hons) VFX, Year 2

“I was interested in alternative futures- where things aren’t so predictable as we think they’ll be. In this scene there’s a clockwork robot, out of work, down on his luck. He’s become a Street Performer to make ends meet. I was influenced by Wall-E, but also films which feature out of place technology like Van Helsing. In this world my robot is a jobless ex-cleaner robot (with a vacuum cleaner built into his back), who being broke has to busk to earn his living.”

Sir Garnet by James Morrow, BA (Hons) VFX, Year 1

“The Sir Garnet is a pub on the Norwich marketplace. The building itself is steeped in history and can be dated back to medieval times. I don’t think it was ever damaged by fire or bombing, but one can imagine it has seen some dark times. The building seems to lend itself to matte painting. There’s a warren of old rooms inside its five storeys.”

Spitfire by Jack Pond, BA (Hons) VFX Year 2

“I wanted to follow up a project I was doing on World War Two with a test- a dogfight over Norwich. I think the audio really helps sell the shot 2.”

Shrine by Fahim Fadzlishah, BA (Hons) VFX, Year 2

Fahim collaborated with Year Three BA (Hons) Photography student Oowen Ong to create a brooding dark landscape full of mystery.
“Oowen presented me with a range of his photographs from his travels, including London, Iceland and Scotland. I was particularly interested in creating an epic and atmospheric vista, and the monument hints at some kind of shrine for an ancient race” Fahim’s influences include the digital matte painting in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus.  “Collaboration with Oowen gave me a respect for original lens-based imagery and got me excited about the way VFX can make a world out of many different locations” stated Fahim.

Steampunk Airship, by Amy Brooks, BA (Hons) VFX, Year 2

“I’ve always loved Steampunk, and I’d previously done some research into Da Vinci’s flying machines, so I decided to design an airship. The idea is that it’s owned by some redneck characters- so it will have some nice details like furry dice and a fishing rod on the front. Airships are so much cooler than cars. Why model something you can find in real life when you can let your imagination run riot?”

VFX student work by Norwich University of the Arts student Dominic Chivers

Warehouse model, by Dominic Chivers, BA (Hons) VFX, Year 2

“The idea for this piece came from a short film that I watched a long time ago that was fully CG and I loved that it was set in an industrial estate. Something that had scale and purpose for a scene always had my interest. Being able to create a short was the foundation of me starting to learn visual effects and being able to create something, from nothing!”