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Student Work

See more work by students on the Textile Design Degree Show website.

Photo of printed fabric by NUA graduate Amelia Ellwood shows scribble effect with simple shapes

Amelia Ellwood

Photo of rolled fabric by NUA graduate Chloe Scott shows weaved material with pattern design

Chloe Scott

Photo of work by NUA graduate Chloe Talmadge shows cut plastic material overlayed on fabric to create a luminous green top

Chloe Talmadge

Photo of work by NUA graduate Danielle Taylor shows multi story house designs made out of fabric and arranged in a pattern

Danielle Taylor

Photo of work by NUA graduate Danni Rainer shows thick woven strands forming a larger fabric of vibrant colours

Danni Rainer

Photo of work by NUA graduate Fay Bunn shows printed colours on light silk with messy overlapping colours

Fay Bunn

Photo of work by NUA graduate Gemma Johnson shows printed plastic support strands woven onto fabric to work a structured grid pattern

Gemma Johnson

Photo of work by NUA graduate Jasmine Butcher shows close up of complex folded material in vivid metallic colours

Jasmine Butcher

Photo of work by NUA graduate Jessica Leslie shows landscape print of large towering buildings with complex classical architecture and a faded gradient sky in blue

Jessica Leslie

Photo of work by NUA graduate Laura Hackett shows top down photo of constructed pyramids arranged on a reflective surface to create a repeating pattern structure

Laura Hackett

Photo of work by NUA graduate Lauren Fox shows long printed floral pattern hanging from a pole with floral covered cushions arranged on top

Lauren Fox

Photo of work by NUA graduate Lizzie Kimberley shows close up of woven fabric showing a range of grid patterns in greyscale with slight colour variations

Lizzie Kimberly

Photo of work by NUA graduate Marie Lorenzo shows vivid colour pattern with irregular grid lines causing a wave effect

Marie Lorenzo

Close up photo of work by NUA graduate Meg Barnes shows curved plastic strips intertwined with one another and linked with a plastic string with embellishments

Meg Barnes

Close up photo by NUA graduate Megan Florey shows woven material with messy colour print and overlayed natural patterns without colour

Megan Florey

Photo of work by NUA graduate Shona Morris features a woven scarf in the center of the frame with colourful patterned bands and frayed ends

Shona Morris

Photo of work by NUA graduate Sophie Cook shows cut plastic fish banded with springs overlayed on a vibrant printed material based on fish scales

Sophie Cook

Photo of work by NUA graduate Victoria Paulley shows close up of concrete with printed striped pattern layed on top

Victoria Paulley

Work by Ali Cottrell depicting textile cloth

Ali Cottrell

Chair designed by Charlotte Lindsey

Charlotte Lindsey

Textile cloth depicting birds by Hollie Quinn displayed in woods

Hollie Quinn

Work by Katherine Heath depicting yellow and pink cloth

Katherine Heath

Woman holding textile work by Rosie Butler Hall

Rosie Butler-Hall

Textile design work by Saskia Dibley

Saskia Dibley

Textile design work by Victoria Friend

Victoria Friend

Textile design work by Xenia Levantis

Xenia Levantis