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The course complements other three dimensional focused provision at NUA and the curriculum reflects its location in a specialist arts University.

Stephen Larcomb Martin
Course Leader

  • Year One
  • Introduction to theoretical principles of spatial form, scale, and scope, supported by the fundamental appreciation of colour, light, texture, acoustics, materiality and ambiance.
  • Commence appreciation of the language of interior design and those fundamental support development tools used within the designing process.
  • Develop an appreciation of fundamental methods and applications of drawing as a thinking, development and communication tool along with technology enhanced drawing as a design and construction tool.
  • Explore principles of space manipulation, seeing and appreciating 3D environmental opportunities, affordances, availabilities and ethical considerations including materials, technologies, forms function and feelings.
  • Year Two
  • Principles and processes – scale, scope, management, and motivations
    User needs – identifying, appreciating & then applying design to meet user need opportunities
  • Trends – recognising and predicting change, influence and opportunities
    Design ethics – legislation, inclusion, sustainability and responsibilities
  • Team working – skills and applications
    Designing and making – practical problem solving using mixed medium approaches
  • Year Three
  • Research and analysis – project problem and opportunity identification
    Building and site analysis – appreciating constraints and opportunities
  • Design development and realisation – conceptualisation through to completion
    Design communication – presentation to explain and sell
VFX Students model of shelter pod

Interior Design Students work displayed at Norwich Castle

The Norwich Castle will be hosting ‘In-Side-Out Design’ a display of work created by First year BA (Hons) Interior Design students “where the creation of intriguing interior spaces inform the exterior architectural features”. Models created by NUA Interior Design students following a recent project named ‘Shelter’ will be on display to the public over two days during April / May. As part of the Shelter project, students were tasked with the design and construction of an ethically considered ‘shelter pod’, made from either waste materials or other appropriate ethically considered materials. Organised by the Norfolk Museums Service and NUA, the display will be open to the public on Saturday 29th April and Monday 1st May between 10am and 3.30pm at The Norwich Castle. To find out more about the event, visit The Norfolk Museums Service website. Work by Jake Harper, BA (Hons) Interior Design.

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