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Our students are our greatest advocates. Watch them using their course resources and read about their opinions on their course.

Nicola, Karla and Rupert discuss the BA Illustration course, highlighting the programme of guest lectures from industry and how the course staff bring a wealth of commercial illustration experience to the course.


Tutors respect individuality, so they will advise but allow you to explore briefs with your own style — this support encourages me to produce really unique work

Karla Alcazar Martinez
Illustration graduate


All the students work differently so it was really beneficial to bounce ideas off my friends in the studio. NUA has the perfect creative atmosphere.

Alex Nicholson
Illustration graduate

My experience at NUA has allowed me to develop my own voice as an illustrator, and has always provided an engaging and passionate environment to work in.

Rupert Smissen
Illustration graduate

I will graduate well informed on issues such as how to become self employed or the pros and cons of being represented by an agency, as well as being made aware of the different types of job that might be available to me.

Nicola Jones
Illustration graduate

My course is broad and allows me to experiment a lot. I’ve started using the printing facilities and they’ve opened up a new world for me. It shows you can leave the studio and find other things happening at NUA.

Flo Fitzgerald-Allsopp
Illustration graduate

Flo Fitzgerald-Allsopp chats about her practice and studying Illustration at NUA.