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Course Lecturer Q&A

We bring in regular industry professionals to talk and that really helps students.

Lucy Blazey
Senior Lecturer
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Can you talk about your background and your interest and passion for Graphic Design?

My background is totally industry based. At Minale Tattersfield & Partners I worked on accounts for Tesco, Natwest and also the publicity for the Manchester 1996 Olympic Bid. I continue to work with industry and there is a lot of engagement through the ideas factory@NUA. My passion really comes from working at Tattersfield – their passion for ideas really inspired me. A strong idea never dates whereas trends come and go.

What makes the course at NUA special?

The thing that makes the course special is that we have three specialist areas working collaboratively – Graphic Design, Design for Publishing and Graphic Communication. Mostly these are taught together in year one and then students specialise in year two. If you are working in a design studio you might have to do branding for a magazine or you might be doing packaging, so there is a cross over and our department allows for that.

Graphic Design focuses on visual identity, incorporating branding and packaging. We encourage students to find unique ideas from relevant creative thinking and take them towards a design solution. With identity and packaging you might be thinking two dimensionally but then consider how it works in the real world, for example advertising, 3D aspects, installations and packaging.

We bring in regular industry professionals to talk and that really helps students. It’s good that they can see the things that we bring to the course echo what industry representatives say. The different approach people bring is important. There is never going to be one person saying you have to do it this way.

How important is it that students are industry ready?

Because we have good links, industry representatives come to us to ask if we have good students to work on projects with them. The constant communication with industry means we are always in touch. The portfolios that industry representatives show our students demonstrate the level they need to be presenting at. The number of students who go on to work in the industry shows that we are preparing them well.

What do you look for in applicants to the course?

We’re interested in other subjects that you might be interested in. For example if you’ve been travelling or speak French. To be a good Graphic Designer you need an inquisitive mind and this is what we are looking for.