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Student Work

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Airbnb Torch – D&AD 2015 Submission
William Thomas and Andrew Heirons

Laura Gudonaviciute

Photo of a collaborative project by various NUA students shows a gate folded leaflet created for the NUA Architecture Show 2017

Jonathan Leonard, Jake Gilbert, Alice Twydell, Architecture Catalogue

Photo of a stack of leaflets by NUA graduate Curtis Euan Page fanned out with large text list of various items such as rope, medicine, food and the subtitle This Is Hemp

Curtis Euan-Page

Large folded poster design by NUA graduate Cutis Euan Page features angled article with a photo of hemp plants in the centre with large font lists of the potential of hemp

Curtis Euan-Page

Large titled folded poster design by NUA graduate Curtis Euan Page asks What brand of carbon footprint do you own today?

Curtis Euan-Page

Photo of poster design by NUA graduate Dan Harrington shows hands lifting up the edges of a poster with a geometric style line drawing which creates a 3D

Dan Harrington

Folded brochure by NUA graduate Jack Lambert features small block paragraphs of text spaced variously on the paper with two greyscale photos and a blue box breaking up the white background

Jack Lambert

Photo of design work by NUA graduate James Brindley shows a hand holding a tablet which displays a colour design of a large black and white comic-like poster drawing of several musicians

James Brindley

Photo of stylised faux newspapers by NUA graduate Jed Harling features a pink coloured background with a large white headline claiming a hashtag exposed section

Jed Harling

Photo of an unfolded stylised faux newspaper by NUA graduate Jed Harling shows a pink coloured background with a large white headline under a hashtag exposed section that reads post-truth under the spotlight with other features such as the V&A London and a Distract Here showbiz exclusive section

Jed Harling

Design poster by NUA graduate Josiah Odimah Manson shows a greyscale of a space shuttle launch with a dotted overlay filter obscuring the photo and a large orange title reading For The Explorers

Josiah Odimah-Manson

Photo of a model design by NUA graduate Louis Scott shows a flat layered plaque with a descriptive text and cuts into the material showing a topographic graph

Louis Scott

Photo of deisng by NUA graduate Melissa Lim Shuen shows a hand flipping through pages of a notepad inside of a design note folder

Melissa Lim Shuen

Design by various NUA students features a greyscale photo of a person lying on grass looking up at the sky with a large white title with green highlight

Josiah Odimah-Manson, Louis Scott, Feeling the Heat

Sarah Blome


Fedrigoni Sirio Ultra Black Notebook
Matteo Alabiso


Dan Few


Cameron Gibson


Peter Witkowski


Laurence Kite


Rebecca Suproniuk