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Through workshops and practical projects you will master industry standard game engines while exploring the art of making games.

Mark Wickham
Course Leader

  • Year One
  • Produce concept art using 2D and 3D digital methods and develop your observational and interpretative drawing skills.
  • Study the commercial games sector and the debates and processes that inform games art and design from visiting industry professionals.
  • Meet visiting professionals from the games industry to gain valuable insights into the most current practices.
  • Year Two
  • Learn game design principles for indie development and take industry standard art tests in 2D, 3D and game design.
  • Conduct work-related learning through live briefs, simulated projects and collaborations with external organisations to develop negotiation, communication and time management skills.
  • Year Three
  • Engage with a year-long project broken into two parts: Concept and Pre-production; and Production and Post-production. Work as an individual or in a team and specialise in any area of games art and design development.
  • Build upon the skills you have acquired in research, analysis and communication to produce a high quality piece of academic writing, which may be of a standard for publication.
  • Prepare for entering the games industry, creating a professional profile online. Your portfolio, showreel and web presence will enable you to present yourself confidently in pursuit of your chosen career.

User Experience guest lecture

Charles Reeve, who has previously worked on Call of Duty and in roles at Yahoo! and Hulu, discussed user experience strategy at Aviva and the importance of the user experience in today’s creative industry.

Jack Edwards with NUA Lecturer George Beard at Norwich University of the Arts

“Our crits are fairly broad, so you get used to speaking about your vision and where you’re headed with an idea, but also the game plan for how you are going to do that, including specific techniques and key deadlines.”

George Beard
Lecturer, BA (Hons) Games Art & Design. Discover Crits at NUA →

Visiting Lecturers

  • Siobhan Reddy
    Studio Director, Media Molecule
  • Anna Marsh
    Design Director, Lady Shotgun
  • Jay Hurren
    Musician, E-Z Rollers
  • Sean Millard
    Sumo Digital
  • Liam Wong and Michael Barclay
  • Matt Buxton, NUA graduate
  • Helen McCarthy
    Author on Anime, Manga and its influence on Game Culture
  • Chris Crawford
    Game Design Guru
  • Mitch Phillips
    Art Director, Ninja Theory
  • Paul Gravett
    Comic Scholar and Curator

Learning and teaching

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AAA Game Studio Designer to speak at NUA

Chris Goodswen, 3D/character artist with major games studio Crytek, spoke to students as part of NUA’s Media Lecture Series. An NUA alumnus, Goodswen discussed his role at Crytek and offered guidance on preparing a portfolio to secure placements/employment.