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Four year degree

The BA (Hons) Games Art and Design four year degree starts with a Year Zero, which nurtures creative, individual and independent learners for the next three years of study to achieve the degree award.

The course builds on your prior experience from A Level or equivalent courses. Most teaching during Year Zero will take place in the studio. Throughout the year you will also be introduced to some of the University’s workshops to assist your skill development.

The Year Zero curriculum promotes practical, technical and creative skills. You are encouraged to develop your work with an increasing emphasis on professional standards. You will develop individual interests and an open-minded approach to study as well as a high degree of self-motivation. The course places emphasis on your personal commitment to study, while supporting you in your progression to a NUA degree.

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“For me Year Zero was a stepping stone to gaining the experience and confidence I needed to start my undergraduate course.”

Nik Nicolaou
Year Zero, Graphic Design

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