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Student Work

See more work by students on the Fine Art Degree Show website.

Photo by NUA graduate Alice Leon shows a hand holding a book open with a poem about every day conversations writtem inside

Alice Leon

Photo by NUA graduate Binks Mooney shows a model standing on the beach wearing a fishnet mask with covered eyes, their nails painted and a necklace made of seaweed with the title of Transknasty above

Binks Mooney

Photo by NUA graduate Chloe Gatrell shows a wide room space with several blocks of concrete standing lengthways each with various sizing, consistency, finish and cracks

Chloe Gatrell

Photo by NUA graduate Elena Sementino shows a bag of sand attached to a rope pulley system which is suspending a block slightly above the ground in a grimy brick walled room

Elena Sementino

Photo by NUA graduate Elena Sementino shoes a metal frame in a box shape suspending a part linen, part concrete slab

Elena Sementino

Design by NUA graduate Lily Troup features a person using a hammer and nail to construct a wall with a doorway in a retro instructional manual style

Lily Troup

Photo of installation by NUA graduate Louise Webb shows a large, colourful abstract painting with printed fabric and red silk-like fabric attached to the wall and trailing off camera

Louise Webb

Photo by NUA graduate Rebecca Foreman is very blurred and appears to show a person walking

Rebecca Foreman

CG image created by NUA graduate Sarah Lancaster shows a tongue-like object wrapped around a yellow lollipop

Sarah Lancaster

Photo by NUA graduate Tina Hannay shows many light switches filling up a wall with some switched on and some off

Tina Hannay

Amy Melling artwork

Amy Melling

Work by Chris May

Chris May

Work by Charles Miles

Charles Miles

Ellie Davison-Archer artwork

Ellie Davison-Archer

Josh Minter work

Josh Minter

Jessica Burgess work

Jessica Burgess

Madeleine Wheeler work

Madeleine Wheeler

Mariame Ben-Karoum work

Mariame Ben-Karoum

Sally Fung work

Sally Fung

Saskia Jonquil work

Saskia Jonquil