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Our students are our greatest advocates. Watch them using their course resources and read about their opinions on their course.

Students Greg, Holly and Janette talk about the workshop provision, studio culture and peer feedback through the group crit sessions.


The city is a hub of creativity including brilliant music venues and museums. It’s a perfect city to develop my interest in community and public art.

Robert Grayson
Fine Art student


My studio space at NUA was my centre of gravity — an adaptable space that could be used for whatever I need.

Holly Chatburn
Fine Art graduate

The facilities here are brilliant and I’ve had my eyes opened to so many new possibilities – from print to metal casting and photography to film and sound. The amount of one-to-one help you get is truly amazing and it’s opened new possibilities for me in terms of materials and scale.

Greg Hayman
Fine Art graduate

NUA has such a good reputation and the tutors are brilliant. No one tells you what to do, but they help you find your direction and offer possible solutions. Also the course has connected me with a body of people who are creative and artistic.

Marie Florido
Fine Art graduate

The fact that most of the staff lecturers are contemporary artists themselves means they can transmit their valuable experiences and are more empathetic with the students’ experiences.

Jeanette Roberts
Fine Art graduate

Marie Florido talks about her practice on BA Fine Art.