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The BA Architecture course addresses the key processes relevant to the planning, design and construction of buildings and other architectural structures and spaces.

Ana Rute da Costa


Dr Ana Rute da Costa

Ana is the Year One Coordinator for Architecture at NUA. She is a registered architect who graduated from FAUP Porto and IUAV Venice. She has previously worked as a freelancer architect and collaborated with different architects/offices, including CEFA-UP, Organisation for Permanent Modernity and Álvaro Fernandes Andrade. Read Ana’s staff profile.

Course Leader

Dr Iuliana Gavril, Course Leader

NUA Senior Lecturer in Architecture Jonathan Ellis Miller in Boardman House

Associate Professor

Jonathan Ellis-Miller, Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer


  • Simon England (Senior Lecturer)
  • James Bussey
  • Dr Yusuf Adams
  • Jonathan Ellis-Miller
  • Dr Iuliana Gavril
  • Dr Ana Rute da Costa

Course Leader

  • Dr Iuliana Gavril

Studio and Workshop Technicians

  • Stephen Bassett
  • James Castle
  • Sonja Ruddick
  • Thomas Smith
  • Joe Green

Staff Profiles


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