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Prizes, awards and scholarship winners

Here you will find winners of prizes, awards and scholarships awarded to Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) students.

Year three Architecture student Isaac Read, with Chair of RIBA East, being presented with the RIBA East student award

RIBA East student award 2016/17

Year three BA (Hons) Architecture student Isaac Read, was awarded the RIBA East Student Award 2017 for his project ‘What defines ‘a divide’ – a physical wall or an intangible barrier?’. Hilary Carlisle, Dean of Design & Architecture, NUA commented on Isaac’s project “Isaac’s proposal challenges our idea of the wall. He deconstructs the values we place on a simple architectural form and, by subverting its programme, the ‘Life Line’ demonstrates how architecture can be used to question our contemporary social and political constructs.” The Royal Institute of British Architects annual East Awards celebrates and rewards outstanding architectural students in the East of the Region. Pictured is the Chair of RIBA East, Nicholas Tye presenting Isaac with the award.

Seven NUA International students holding international scholarship certificates

International Scholarships 2017/18

Eight first year and MA students have been awarded international scholarships for 2017/18 entry. The scholarships have been awarded on the basis of academic merit and to students who demonstrated a standard of excellence at their interview with their current portfolio of work and their creative potential and enthusiasm for their chosen course of study. All scholarships have been awarded against tuition fees which make a significant contribution to the cost for international students studying in the UK.

Year two BA (Hons) Illustration students Gabrielle Minas, Kaelin O'Hare and Kirsty O'Rourke with NUA vice-chancellor Professor John Last, being presented with their certificates

Richardson Brown Travel Prize 2016/17

BA (Hons) Illustration students Gabrielle Minas, Kaelin O’Hare and Kirsty O’Rourke won the Richardson Brown Travel Prize for 2016/17 for showing excellence in their studies. The prize awards a travel bursary of £400, giving the trio the opportunity to visit Keswick to enhance their creative practice. The judges, Professor Hilary Carlisle (Dean of Design and Architecture) and Professor Richard Sawdon-Smith (Dean of Arts and Media) commented: “We are clearly in agreement that Gabrielle, Kirsty and Kaelin demonstrated a true collaboration in their practice and clearly demonstrated the benefit of the award to their individual projects and collaborative practice.”

Year three Architecture student Daniel Walford, with LSI Architects and Hilary Carlisle, being presented with the LSI Drawing prize award

LSI Architects Drawing Prize 2016/17

BA (Hons) Architecture year three student Daniel Walford was awarded the LSI Architects Drawing Prize 2016/17. Rupert Kitchen, Partner at LSI Architects said “LSI are once again thrilled to be part of the judging process for NUA Degree Show at the School of Architecture. The quality of work produced by the students is both encouraging and inspiring. The final drawings by the three shortlisted students all show a great sense of ambition and creativity, with three very different yet successful approaches to illustrating their ideas. In the end we felt that Daniel’s two perspective images were the winners, capturing the imaginations of all of the judges. We felt that the graphic, film noir visual style was innovative and hugely engaging. They also reminded us of 1930s travel posters, with their promise of adventure and excitement. Their strong visual quality drew us in to the story of the building, with more subtle details revealed at every viewing. They summarised the purpose and thinking behind the building design successfully, and led us to pick Daniel as the worthy winner of the LSI Drawing Award”.

Year three Architecture student Isaac Read, with Jon Greenfield, Hamson Barron Smith Architects

Hamson Barron Smith’s Architects Award for Sustainable Design 2016/17

Year three BA (Hons) Architecture student Isaac Read was awarded the Hamson Barron Smith Architects Awards for Sustainable Design 2016/17. Jon Greenfield, Director of Architecture at Hamson Barron Smith said “Two aspects of Issac Read’s project impressed the judges; the social aspect, of searching for new ways of living that are more in tune with the planet’s resources, and the physical aspect, literally the physics of the proposed building fabric. We could see that Issac was thinking about orientation, and the related concerns of solar gain and shading, as well as the physical properties of different materials. Using mass concrete, masonry and glass had stimulated him to think about the heating, cooling, insulating and re-radiating properties of the building fabric he was proposing”.

Winners of the 2016-17 Jennifer Davey award, being presented with their certificate

Jennifer Davey Memorial Award for Fine Art 2016/17

Year Three BA (Hons) Fine Art students Lindsay Jolly and Yasmin Sartin were joint winners of the 2016-17 Jennifer Davey Memorial Award for Fine Art. Both students were thrilled to have been awarded the prize, and will both receive £300.

Mr. Brian Davey, judging the award said “This year like many others before it, the Jennifer Davey Award has been difficult to make. There were a rewarding number of applicants who all made a very good presentation of their work and I would like to thank them all for making the effort to apply. Unfortunately, not all can be winners and so the decision was made to select, like last year, two people whose work and outlook was considered to be more in keeping with the interests of my late wife. Both Lindsay and Yasmin demonstrated the qualities I thought important and provided an ability to answer questions in an appropriate way. Yasmin stood out as being a very talented artist producing some very striking work but was also open to constructive criticism, which I felt would make her become a better artist in the future. Her confident ability to describe her motivation I considered a very positive advantage. Lindsay demonstrated a gift for invention and experimentation that encompassed many mediums. Her resulting work was sympathetically assessed and reflected a wider appreciation for the materials used”.

Group image of 2017-18 winners of the Feilden + Mawson scholarship

Feilden+Mawson Scholarship for Architecture 2017/18

Declan Allison, third year BA (Hons) Architecture student, was awarded first place in the 2017/18 Feilden+Mawson scholarship award, and will receive £1500 to assist him in his final studies at NUA. Second place was awarded to David Wiley, third year BA (Hons) Architecture student, who will receive £500.

As part of the selection process, each candidate were required to present their final year project to the judging panel consisting of Philip Bodie and Stuart Jones, both partners at Feilden+Mawson, alongside Simon England, Senior Lecturer in Architecture.

The judging panel said “We were genuinely impressed with the overall quality of the work presented and the confidence displayed by all candidates generally. Their ideas were clearly set out and readily understood by us and we took heart that the architecture course at NUA is clearly inspiring the next generation of architects”.

Winners of the PG and UG Dubery and Brogden scholarship accepts their award, alongside Amanda Geitner and Angela Dunn of EAAF, and Professor John Last, NUA

Dubery and Brogden EAAF scholarship 2017/18

The Dubery & Brogden EAAF Scholarship is now in its second year. Elizabeth Kimbley, MA Textile Design and Kate Walker, MA Fine Art have been awarded the Postgraduate Scholarship for 2017/18 and will each receive £2,500 across their 2 years of part-time study at NUA.

Director of the East Anglia Art Fund Amanda Geitner judged the scholarship and noted: ‘Lizzie communicated a keen engagement with the skills of her craft, and we were captivated by her passion for sustainability, upcycling and longevity. Kate is clearly eager to examine the intellectual framework of her painting but also to hone her technical abilities and understanding of the potential and quality of her medium. It feels fitting that the Dubery Scholarship goes to an artist so keenly engaged with the materiality of paint and a love of landscape.”

Leila Danesh, BA (Hons) Fashion and Madeline Exton, BA (Hons) Fine Art were the winners of this year’s Dubery & Brogden Undergraduate Scholarship, and will receive £2,500 for each of their three years of study at NUA. The judges were impressed by the commitment and sheer determination communicated by both students, noting “Leila is already on a path and has clearly got the most out of her Foundation year. Maddie charmed us from the start and the individuality of her approach reads as if she is very much an artist already.”

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Chaos Design Award

Student Awarded Chaos Imago Award 2015/16

Year three Graphic Design student, Sophie Taylor has been awarded the Chaos Imago Award, an award supported by Chaos Design Company and selected by their MD, NUA Graphic Design Alumni, Peter Campbell. The prize recognizes committed and dedicated students who have created exemplary work. Sophie was awarded a prize of £1,000 to put towards her studies at NUA.

Peter explained, ‘Sophie’s work, ambition, creativity and personality most suited Chaos, and a deciding factor along with this was the effect the financial award would have towards her completing her final year studies. She is clearly hard working and I really recognised and appreciated those attributes and it’s good to know the award will help her along her way to some extent’. Peter had great praise for the other shortlisted entries, he said, ‘All those shortlisted in particular were impressive in different ways and with all these things it’s a shame only one person is the winner’. After the win Sophie and Peter worked collectively on a Logo design for the Award (pictured) which will be given annually to a successful Graphic Design student.Chaos Award Logo


International scholarships

NUA has extended the financial support it offers to students by funding three new international scholarships. The scholarships have been awarded on the basis of academic merit and to students who demonstrated a standard of excellence at their interview with their current portfolio of work and their creative potential and enthusiasm for their chosen course of study. American student Natalie Sowa, Year 1 Design for Publishing, received the top scholarship of £5,000. On receiving her award she commented: “Without the scholarship I would have struggled to cover the cost of my tuition fees and been unable to accept my place at NUA. I am extremely grateful for the support I have received.” Adrian Lim from Malaysia, Year 1 Graphic Design, received £2,000 and MA Fashion student Naomi Wambugu from Kenya received the N170 International Postgraduate Scholarship of £2,000. All scholarships have been awarded against tuition fees which make a significant contribution to the cost for international students studying in the UK.