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Dr Judith Stewart

My research focuses on the points where culture and politics collide. This has resulted in a number of projects relating to landscape, including an Orford Ness Residency, 2011, and the Of Other Spaces exhibition at Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery, 2014. My experience of working with gallery education and socially-engaged practices as an artist, curator and researcher prompted my PhD research (2007) into the impact of the social inclusion agenda on artists and their work. I am particularly interested in collaboration and the role of dialogue within art practice. This was a feature of my curatorial work with Mario Rossi (Host: Re-inventing the Museum, 2001 and strangers to ourselves, 2003-4), and when co-curating the digital film festival, Shot By The Sea. I am also currently working with artists Townley & Bradby to develop a critical discourse from their ongoing project Artists-As-Parents-As-Artists, positioning this work in the context of the everyday. This has resulted in a publication, An Endless Round of Repetitive Tasks With Operatic Anger and Comic Turns, (2014), and is the subject of a forthcoming paper Just Chatting. In 2015 I will be co-authoring Of Other Spaces as a publication and undertaking a residency at X-Church in Gainsborough for Bend In The River Gallery in collaboration with Claudia Pilsl. Throughout my career I have also been engaged in organisational development work for arts organisations, including planning the artist support programme for firstsite (2010-12), developing arts strategy for Cuckoo Farm Studios, (2010-2012) and planning gallery education policy/structure for University of Brighton Gallery (2003).

Selected papers/publications

  • 2014: (with the artists Townley & Bradby) An Endless Round of Repetitive Tasks With Operatic Anger and Comic Turns, also being developed into a forthcoming paper Just Chatting.
  • 2014: (with Lawrence Bradby) ‘Artists on the Gallery Payroll’, International Perspectives on Participation & Engagement in the Arts, Utrecht, and AAH Conferences 2014; this is being developed for a forthcoming publication Mann, N. & C. Bonham-Carter, eds., But How Does It Work? Clarifying Social Rhetoric in the Arts.
  • June 2013: ‘The Worker Artist’ (for Land, Labour & Capital, Limerick)

Forthcoming publications

  • Still Ruffling Feathers in Associative Enquiries, a research publication produced by firstsite gallery
  • Some Are More Equal Than Others: Hierarchies of value inside the art gallery in engage 35 Twenty-Five Years of Gallery Education.

Selected curation

  • with Mario Rossi, Host: Re-inventing the Museum, 2001, and strangers to ourselves, 2003-4.
  • Co-curator of the digital film festival, Shot By The Sea.
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– Dr Judith Stewart