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Dr Catherine Baker

My research interests focus on the relations between vision and drawing as a phenomenological contemplation responding to place as an anchor.

The relationship between perception and drawing is one that has attracted a great deal of interest in the last 30 years and in order to explore this concept fully I have worked collaboratively with a neuropsychologist for the last 9 years. Our work together, to date, linked Gilchrist’s interest in the neurobiology of eye movement control with my own interest in using eye movements to create drawings directly. In our work we have investigated if the eye movements themselves can become the metaphorical mark. In the same way that a child may use the process of drawing to learn something about the world we use our sight to make sense of our complex and visually demanding world.

The last two years has seen a significant evolution in my research interests as a direct result of a residency at CRICBristol. I am currently working on a project that explores the impact of medical imaging on the doctor / patient relationship and the wider general public as a whole. People often experience these images at turning points in their own lives, or the lives of people they care about. They see quite literally what is under the skin and the secrets that are revealed can have a profound effect.


  • Date tbc: Exhibition as part of International residency, National Art School, Sydney, Australia
  • 2009-2010: Artist in Residence, CRICBristol, Joint venture between University of Bristol, NH Trust, Wolfson Brain Imaging, Bristol, UK supported by BBSRC, University of Bristol
  • 2010: Walking with Hamish Fulton Project, Norwich, UK
  • 2010: Drawing Connections – Milton Keynes Gallery, UK
  • 2010: Drawing Out Festival of Drawing, RMIT, Australia
  • 2010: All over the place : Drawing Place, Drawing Space, Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, University of Leeds. Group Exhibition
  • 2008: Triptych –papers, Norwich Gallery, Norfolk. A Drawing Research Network Event
  • 2008: All over the place : Drawing Place, Drawing Space, University of the West of England / Land2 research group. Group Exhibition & Symposium
  • 2008: Drawing in the title, Norwich Gallery, Group Exhibition curated by Lynda Morris
  • 2007: Scanpath (touring Solo)- Bracknell Gallery, South Hill Park, Bracknell, Berks, UK
  • 2007: Scanpath (touring Solo)- – Space 4, Peterborough Art Gallery & Museum, UK
  • 2006: Lines of Sight, Public Art Commission and Exhibition, Bedfordshire, unveiled by HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh
  • 2006: Snap, UCL, London. Group Exhibition
  • 2006: Drawing in Motion, Bury St Edmunds Gallery, Suffolk, UK
  • 2005: Jerwood Drawing Prize, London and other UK venues


  • 2013: Crest Annual Research Symposium. 09.2013, Woburn House, London, UK
  • 2012: Note Bene, Drawn Out 2012. International conference on Drawing, joint venture between RMIT, Australia & UAL
  • 2008: Roundtable event – Artists talking about Drawing, University of Leeds
  • 2010: Tracing the Physical. Studies in Material Thinking, International Research Journal, Vol 4.
  • 2010: Metaphorical Marks. DRAWING OUT 2010, International Conference & Festival of Drawing, Melbourne, Australia
  • 2010: Triptych – Papers. Norwich Gallery, Norfolk, UK. Scanpaths as Drawing symposium paper
  • 2008: Scanpaths. All over the place: Drawing Place, Drawing Place, UWE 2008
  • 2008: SCANPATH. Seeing…Vision & Perception in a Digital Culture, International Conference, CHArt Birbeck College, London
  • Art & Science talks with Professor Iain Gilchrist:
    • 2008: Art & Science Collaborations, UWE, Bristol
    • 2007: South Hill Park Arts Centre, Berkshire
    • 2007: Space 4Gallery, Peterborough
    • 2004: Leeds Met Gallery, Leeds

Other Activities

  • 2002-to date: Associate member RIMAD, University of Bedfordshire
  • 2013: Peer-reviewer – TRACEY, International Drawing Research Journal
Dr Catherine Baker

– Dr Catherine Baker


– Installation

Detail of floor mounted 3D drawing

– Detail of floor mounted 3D drawing

Diseased Ash

– Diseased Ash

Laser Darktop

– Untitled laser-cut digital photograph

Laser Teeny

– Untitled laser-cut digital photograph

Laser Teeny

– Detail of untitled laser-cut digital photograph

Root Circle

– Untitled laser-cut digital photograph

Second Sight Shadows

– Detail of untitled laser-cut digital photograph