NUA PhD student celebrates kindness in local exhibition
  • NUA PhD student celebrates kindness in local exhibition

    PhD student and MA Communication Design graduate Kazz Morohashi is celebrating kindness through stories and art in a new exhibition at The Anteros Art Foundation in Norwich. 

    What’s the kindest thing a stranger has done for you? Through stories donated by the public, a group of local artists have taken the challenge of starting new conversations on empathy with the Museum of Human Kindness. 

    Brought to life by NUA MA graduate and PhD student Kazz Morohashi and her husband Ralph Paprzycki, the Museum created a web-based call for stories asking ‘what’s the kindest thing a stranger has done for you?’.  They then selected a group of twelve visual artists to respond to some of the stories collected so far and make new pieces inspired by them. 

    The result is an exciting mix of artworks in different styles ranging from natural dye paintings to graffiti. Artistic practices are also varied to include 2D and 3D works, such as a see-through textile embroidery to a giant gold-leafed tooth. 12 art pieces, together with some 30 stories, are currently exhibited at Anteros Arts Foundation Gallery in Norwich until the 23 of November 2019.

    Visitors will be able to read the original stories as well as engage with the artworks, and will hopefully come away feeling inspired to notice and spread kindness in their everyday lives. 

    Studies suggest that kindness is contagious. The exhibition offers a fun and interactive way for people to relate to the emotional world of others and celebrate empathy and connection. 

    Everyone can get involved with the Museum by donating their kindness story at and by following the project on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on @museumkindness. 

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