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LSI Architects Drawing Prize 2016/17

LSI Architects Drawing Prize 2016/17

LSI Architects Drawing Prize 2017

BA (Hons) Architecture graduate Daniel Walford was awarded the LSI Architects Drawing Prize 2016/17. Rupert Kitchen, Partner at LSI Architects said “LSI are once again thrilled to be part of the judging process for NUA Degree Show at the School of Architecture.”

“The quality of work produced by the students is both encouraging and inspiring. The final drawings by the three shortlisted students all show a great sense of ambition and creativity, with three very different yet successful approaches to illustrating their ideas.”

“In the end we felt that Daniel’s two perspective images were the winners, capturing the imaginations of all of the judges. We felt that the graphic, film noir visual style was innovative and hugely engaging. They also reminded us of 1930s travel posters, with their promise of adventure and excitement.”

“Their strong visual quality drew us in to the story of the building, with more subtle details revealed at every viewing. They summarised the purpose and thinking behind the building design successfully, and led us to pick Daniel as the worthy winner of the LSI Drawing Award”.