Lecturer’s Stranger’s Hall exhibition moves online

Lecturer’s Stranger’s Hall exhibition moves online

Norwich artist and BA (Hons) Fine Art lecturer Will Teather was in the final stages of preparing for an exhibition at Stranger’s Hall Museum when the UK went into lockdown. The exhibition is now planned for the future, but in the meantime the artwork for the show is being presented online in a series of videos and blog posts.

Will Teather

The show was to be a series of radical reworkings of artworks from the museum’s collection, with Teather’s new compositions intended to hang alongside their original counterparts in Stranger’s Hall. 

Teather, who is the Artist in Residence at the Norwich Arts Centre, is presenting the five new paintings in instalments on Norwich Art Centre’s website as part of their NAC Stories program. 

He says of the collection, “Historical paintings are often very carefully composed, as are the examples in the museum’s collection.  My fractal reinterpretations are intended to explode the geometry implied within the historical compositions around their key energy points. 

The results of this process can be described as somewhat psychedelic and seem like a glitched version of the originals, helping viewers perhaps to see the museum collections afresh.”

Watch Teather’s presentations on Norwich Arts Centre’s NAC Stories or Instagram. View more of his work on his website