Illustration graduate launches ‘Thank You Skilled Key Workers’ project

Illustration graduate launches ‘Thank You Skilled Key Workers’ project

Erin Aniker launched her project giving thanks to all workers for their continued hard work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

BA Illustration graduate Erin Aniker's artwork thanking skilled key workers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Multiple squares filled with illustrations of each key worker sector surround a 'thank you!' in the middle. The right hand side of the picture shows the shame artwork but outlined only, ready for colouring in

BA (Hons) Illustration graduate Erin Aniker has launched a new project thanking all skilled key workers, in a series of posters, postcards and colouring in/activity sheets, with all profits being donated to Masks for NHS Heroes.

The artwork has been designed with the intention of being displayed in household windows across the country.

“I wanted to create something as a small gesture of support and thanks to our NHS and all the incredibly skilled key workers who have always kept us going and continue to during this pandemic, despite lack of PPE, pay rises and consistent cuts to Government funding” said Erin.

Erin has worked on this poster periodically since the beginning of the UK’s lockdown measures.

“I’ve been working on this poster design a little bit every day during lockdown, mostly to say thank you to key workers and also for my mental health, to channel my anxieties, worries and fears into something that felt useful, however small.” 

Acknowledging that her artwork doesn’t cover all key workers, she has created a separate blank sheet for people to fill in with drawings of the other key workers they would like to thank.

Buy a copy of Erin’s artwork.

Explore more of Erin’s artwork on her website and Instagram.