Graduates Gareth Roberts and Coco Lom collaborate on stunning basketball court design

Graduates Gareth Roberts and Coco Lom collaborate on stunning basketball court design

Gareth and Coco worked on the project with Pink Lady Apple and Islington Council reimagining a basketball court at Joseph Grimaldi Park, Islington.

Header image: Richard Bearpark

Gareth Roberts and Coco Lom

Image: Brian Bosche

BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduate Gareth Roberts runs Project in the Paint, a not-for-profit organisation bringing art to public basketball courts across the UK.

The revamping of this basketball court has been funded by Pink Lady Apple and forms part of their ongoing commitment to creating ‘feel-good moments’.

“Although I have greatly enjoyed expressing my own design style on court, I take real joy in seeing how other might envision their work on the same canvas,” said Gareth, who acted as curator for the project.

Coco Lom, a graduate from BA (Hons) Illustration was commissioned to realise the design of the court, in her vibrant graphical style.

Gareth Roberts and Coco Lom
Gareth Roberts and Coco Lom

Images: Mark Howe

The design of the court is inspired by two elements – apples and movement.

“I started my research by investigating microscopic views of apples – from an apple leaf, to dried out apple pollen,” said Coco.

“From doing this, I discovered the most beautiful shapes and patterns, which I then used as inspiration for the design.”

Coco also looked at movement and the shifting energy of basketball players on the court during a game.

Coco Lom basketball

“Coco has completely changed this space into a beautiful and energising public work of art for the community” said Gareth.

“I hope the court will bring joy to people of all ages in the community, plus there‚Äôs never been a more important time for colour to inspire us to move our bodies,” said Coco.

The court is now open and free for public use.