Fine Art students move Fairhurst Gallery exhibition online

Fine Art students move Fairhurst Gallery exhibition online

A group of BA (Hons) Fine Art students preparing an exhibition in collaboration with the Fairhurst Gallery have moved their work online due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Year 2 students Elizabeth Seymour, Stephen Aderanti, Jillian Ballas, Muneerah Yate, Katie Clarke and Ruby Millard have been working with Norwich’s Fairhurst Gallery to curate and run a public exhibition, Open to Answers, in their city centre space.

The exhibition included a strong discursive and participatory element, so after cancelling the exhibition due to Coronavirus, curator Elizabeth Seymour and publicist Brooke Savino moved their work online in order to continue the project.

Jillian Ballas
Katie Clarke
Stephen Aderanti
Muneerah Yate

Elizabeth comments about the collaboration with Fairhurst Gallery, “Fairhurst supported me with decision making and finalising details for the exhibition. They also gave me a good insight into how to prepare a public exhibition and highlighted things that I may have not previously considered.

I was able to take a leading role in the preparation of this exhibition and they allowed me to make it my own.”

You can view the virtual exhibition online and take part via Facebook until 30 June 2020.