Childhood memories fuel graduate’s work for mural festival in Greece

Childhood memories fuel graduate’s work for mural festival in Greece

MA Communication Design graduate and graffiti street artist Bilos Mantho has been commissioned to paint a mural in his hometown in Greece as part of a growing festival called ArtWalk.

Grafitti art, a green mural with various shapes and art by Bilos in Greece. Photo by Art in Progress

Image by Ted Nikolakopoulos

Bilos, who graduated from MA Communication Design in 2015, returned to Patras to paint Reminder, a 12 metre by 10 metre mural.

The piece features a palm tree – one of the few remaining ones in the neighbourhood – train tracks next to the wall but soon to be moved underground, and a photo of the artist and his late friend Ernesto, painting graffiti at the age of 13. 

“It is painted in the neighbourhood where I grew up and made my first tags and graffiti,” said Bilos.

“It is a tribute to my childhood memories and the neighbourhood itself. 

“The title Reminder is chosen as I would like this piece to serve as a reminder to the public of what this neighbourhood once was, but also as a personal reminder of what it means to me.

Working on such a scale is very challenging but in the end very rewarding; I’m looking forward to more walls like this one!”

Bilos said that his forthcoming work includes a design for a capsule collection for a clothing brand from Mexico due to be released in August.

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