BA Fashion graduate exhibits in Athens

BA Fashion graduate exhibits in Athens

The exhibition invited visitors to get moving – and most importantly – sweating.


BA (Hons) Fashion graduate Alice Potts has begun a one year residency at the Onassis Foundation as part of Athens Biannele. The opportunity stemmed from her unique approach to creating garments by looking at how the human body can generate its own fashion accessories from sweat.

Developed from her interest in biomaterials and sustainable fashion, Alice turned to the human body’s secretions and discovered the beauty in sweating and the crystalline form it takes. By collaborating with scientists at Imperial College London, Alice found a way to transform sweat collected from athletes into larger crystals, which she then manipulated and used to decorate sports clothing.

“In the future, our bodies will be able to secrete their own fashion” Alice says. The end result of this project is a sustainable, zero-waste answer to fashion accessories.

The ‘sweat’ exhibition in Athens opened in November and visitors to the centre were invited to a dedicated gym space and rave dancefloor, where they were encouraged to move and get sweating.