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Award-winning architect shares her experiences from New York to Athens

Award-winning architect shares her experiences from New York to Athens

NUA Boardman House

Award-winning architect and academic Eva Sopeoglou has shared her experiences with NUA students of working on international projects – from major office developments in New York to the Acropolis Museum in Athens. On a visit to the university, Evan also delivered a lecture on the “Tectonics of Comfort”.

“It’s been a pleasure to visit NUA and speak to students,” she said. “In my lecture, I introduced some ideas around my research and practice around inhabitation and envelopes and cladding in architecture, the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces, shadows and shading, and the definition of comfort – how it is defined in architectural practice.” Eva also described how she had seen differences in style and approach to architectural practice around the world.

“What I found working in New York was a culture of rigorous stages of design and production,” she said. “Architecture becomes a complex profession and the production of buildings becomes a team work between different consultants, manufacturers, builders and providers of products.

“Working on the Acropolis Museum in Athens, I saw how the practice of architecture between New York and Greece was different; different teams of architects from different countries and cultures trying collaborating to construct quite a complex and important building.”