Raymond Quek

Raymond Quek

Raymond Quek is Professor of Architecture at Norwich University of the Arts, where he leads a team of educators who bring current research into teaching. He teaches across history and philosophy, design studio, technology, design communication and professional studies. He is registered with the ARB and is one of the School’s Professional Studies Advisors. He initiated the Association of Architectural Educators in 2010.

My academic research explores Architectural Representation in the History of Ideas as a problem of visual knowledge in art, architecture and design primarily in the Italian Renaissance. I also work on the confluence of East and West architecture circa 18 – 20c, SE Asian Architectural History, 20c Catholic Architecture, and architecture’s relationship with the arts in 19/20c.

I published “Nationalism and Architecture” (Ashgate, Nov 2012 and am currently  completing “Keys & Dowdeswell: Landmark Architecture: Straits Settlements & Federated Malayan States, 1920 -1934”.

I am on the editorial board of the South African Journal of Art History and an advisor for the Journal of Art Historiography.

I organised several international conferences under the Theoretical Currents Framework, Nationalism, Architecture and the Geographic Impulse & Modern Catholic Space. I am a member of ARENA (EU Architectural Research Network) and was the founder and initiator of the Association of Architectural Educators (UK, Eire).

I maintain an involvement with practice through the local societies and as a consultant on design development.


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Guest editorials

Quek, R. Guest Editor, Special Issue of South African Journal of Art History, Architectural Representation, Nov 2012, ISSN 0258 3542

Quek, R. Guest Editor, Special Issue of National Identities (Routledge), Architecture and the Construction of National Identity, National Identities, Vol. 14, No. 3, ISSN 1460-8944


Fellow, Royal Society of the Arts, 2010

Fellow, Higher Education Academy, 2007

Fellow Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, 1992

Member of ARENA (EU Architectural Research Network)

Advisory Board member, SPACE: Studies of Planning and Architecture

Advisory Board member, South African Journal of Art History


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