Juneko Haga

Juneko Haga

My current research focuses on connecting communities through participatory photographic projects and promoting photographic education to those to whom learning opportunities are not readily available. I am currently working on a collaborative photographic project with the residents of my hometown, Fukushima in Japan, where the tsunami and the subsequent meltdown at the nuclear power plant have caused a trail of destruction and disaster.

The premise of my research is the exploration of the impact of photography on society and the role of photographic education in re-establishing the cultural and social identities of a damaged community by examining the potentially far reaching benefits of interactive story telling presented in a single book format and online platform.  In addition to the Fukushima project, I’m recently working on a photographic project which explores the idea of ‘first person singular’, languages of different mediums of photography and the roles of visual representations of cultural identities in our society.


  • 2013 – present: Quality and Standard Committee, NUA
  • 2010 – 2011: Learning and Teaching Committee: 2010 – 2011 – NUA


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