Jamie Gledhill

Jamie Gledhill

As a digital practitioner, I’m particularly interested in the transformative potential of creative technology and how this can be applied across games development, interaction and user experience design. For example: the way in which playful interactive experiences can be used to mediate relationships between strangers in public spaces. It seems that human beings’ attraction to new technology can sometimes lead them to abandon social norms and engage with other human beings in previously unthinkable ways.

This is a phenomenon I set out to explore in my own practice, within which playfulness and co-interaction are recurrent themes. I choose to work with interface technologies such as gesture and movement detection in order to construct interactive experiences that are accessible and intuitively controlled. I have collaborated with a number of UK arts organisations interested in technology including FACT in Liverpool, Metal in Peterborough and Collusion in Cambridge. In terms of ongoing research: my field of interest is situated at the very intersection of creative and technical endeavour: an area that I personally believe will never cease to enthuse, challenge and reward those, like myself, who find themselves inextricably drawn towards it.

Research and Practice

  • 2018 – External member of the validation panel for MA Games Design at UCA Farnham.
  • 2018 – Speaker at the Plugin Symposium hosted by Signals Media, Colchester. Subject: Collaborative Digital Art.
  • 2017 – Appointed Creative Associate. Collusion, Cambridge.
  • 2017 – Projection Mapping; ‘Tree Face’. Rowhedge, Essex.
  • 2016 – Installation: ‘Ricochet’. Firstsite, Colchester.
  • 2016 – Residency, 360° video: ‘Reframe’. Gibberd Gallery, Harlow.
  • 2016 – Public art, workshops, sound composition, installation, video: ‘Portals for Mortals’. Nene Valley Sculpture Park, Peterborough.
  • 2016 – Sonic R&D, video: ‘Sonification of Structure’. Rowhedge, Essex.
  • 2015 – Interactive video for dance theatre piece: ‘Hi Siri’ by Lydia Fraser-Ward. Rich Mix, Bethnal Green.
  • 2015 – AR app, video; ‘Talking Trees of Chalkwell Park’. Metal Southend.
  • 2015 – Public R&D, interactive art game: video: ‘Play Table’. Ipswich; Old Courthouse, the Minories Galleries; Colchester, FACT; Liverpool.
  • 2014 – 2015 – Interactive text installation: ‘Data Flow’. FACT, Liverpool.
  • 2014 – Interactive installation, video: ‘Luminescence’. Firstsite, Colchester.
  • 2014 – Interactive installation, video: ‘Electricus’. Ipswich Town Hall.
  • 2013 – Interactive installation: ‘Spark Shower’. Colchester Slack Space.
  • 2013 – Residency: ‘Culture LAB’. Metal Liverpool.


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