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Dr Ana Rute da Costa

Dr Ana Rute da Costa

Ana is the Year One Coordinator and Architecture Lecturer at Norwich University of the Arts. She is a registered architect who graduated from FAUP Porto and IUAV Venice. She has previously worked as a freelancer architect and collaborated with different architects/offices, including CEFA-UP, Organisation for Permanent Modernity and Álvaro Fernandes Andrade.

In 2015 she finished her PhD in Architecture and Education with the title: ‘Dialogues and perspectives of young people about the school built environment, ethnography about the relationship between young people and learning spaces’.

Ana’s work is available to view on her website.

Ana is a member of the Pattern and Chaos group of collaborative, interactive and networking designers, artists, theorists and innovators in education, all of whom are based at Norwich University of the Arts.



As an architect I have combined experience in practice, research and teaching. As a practitioner I have designed and collaborated in projects of different scales from housing to public buildings and urban plans and I have worked with public and private clients.

Based on my PhD research I consider user and client participation as important to better address project aims and improve the life quality. In my research I am interested in understanding the different levels of consuming architecture: occupation, appropriation and interpretation. In conjunction with this I am also researching how an architect can communicate the fundamentals of architecture and develop an interactive relationship with the built environment’s users.

My teaching is informed by my practice and research. Seeing students as individuals and promoting quality learning through varied practices ensures the development of creative skills. My teaching aims to transmit the principles of architecture combined with a sense of social and environmental responsibility.

Research Outputs

  • 2016: Collaboration with A2 Architectes, Namur, Belgium
  • 2015: Collaboration with ORG – Organisation for Permanent Modernity, Brussels, Belgium. Special relevance: Construction set for the Police Station and Administrative Centre, Beveren, Belgium
  • 2008/2013: Collaboration with architect Álvaro Andrade, Porto, Portugal. Special relevance: Rowing High Performance Centre, Foz Côa, Portugal. Shortlisted work for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture ‐ Mies van der Rohe Award 2015.
  • 2009: Monitor – Junior University FAUP ‐ project “If I were an architect” for young people (age 15‐17).
  • 2003/2004: Tutor of Project III at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto.
  • 2003/2004 – 2009: Collaboration with CEFA‐UP , Porto, Portugal.
  • 2004/2007: BalonasProjectos S.A, Porto, Portugal.
  • 2004 to present: Dr Ana Rute Costa, architect – Freelance, design of housing and social equipment.
  • 2002/2003: Associated Architects – Piero Faraguna e Marco Girotto – San Marco, Venice, Italy.
  • 2001: Atelier Carlos Cardoso, Architecture and Planing, Ltd – Figueira da Foz, Portugal


  • 2015: Costa, Dr Ana Rute; Silva, Sofia Marques da; Fernandes, Francisco Barata; (2015); O envolvimento de jovens no ambiente construído da escola: do espaço físico ao espaço educativo, Educação Sociedade e Culturas, nº 44 (pp.67‐85).
  • 2012: Costa, Dr Ana Rute; Silva, Sofia Marques da (2012); School culture and youth cultures: spaces and intercultural dialogues, In Applied Interculturality Research in Education: abstract book (pp. 92‐93). Porto: CIIE/FPCEUP.
  • 2011: Costa, Dr Ana Rute; Silva, Sofia Marques da, Barata, Francisco (2011). Education and Architecture. Young people’s perspectives and dialogues for a better understanding of built environment. In Plowright, Philip; Gamper, Bryce (orgs.) Considering Research: Reflecting upon current themes in architectural research (pp. 427‐433). Detroit, Michigan: Lawrence Tech University.
  • 2010: Costa,  Dr Ana  Rute;  Silva,  Sofia  Marques  da  (2010).  Diálogos  e  perspetivas  de  jovens  para  uma  maior  compreensão  e  melhoria do espaço construído: Educação e Espaços Arquitetónicos. In Nogueira, Fernanda; Oliveira, Ana Luísa; Baptista, Ana  Vitória;  Nova,  Diogo  Casa  (orgs.)  Desafios Teóricos e metodológicos – I ENJIE – Encontro Nacional de  Jovens  Investigadores em Educação, Programa e Livro de resumos (pp. 116‐120). Aveiro: Universidade de Aveiro.
  • 2009: Costa, Dr Ana Rute; Barata, Francisco; Silva, Sofia Marques da (2009); Educação e Arquitectura. Uma proposta de diálogo e articulação de saberes ‐ comunicação, Acta do 12º Congresso dos Arquitectos – Sessão sectorial: Arquitectura e Cidadania, Painel 04.02 Educação com a Arquitectura; Lisboa; Ordem dos Arquitectos.
  • 2009: Costa, Dr Ana Rute; Barata, Francisco; Silva, Sofia Marques da (2009); Por uma Arquitectura participada ‐ recomendação, Acta do 12º Congresso dos Arquitectos – Sessão  sectorial: Arquitectura  e  Cidadania,  Painel  04.01  Participação  da comunidades e dos cidadãos; Lisboa; Ordem dos Arquitectos.

Invited lectures

  • 2014: Costa, Dr Ana Rute (2014); Post Occupation Evaluation of a school built environment from young people’s perspectives; Young people’s experience of space and place, participation and interdisciplinary research, cross disciplinary workshop – School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape – Newcastle University
  • 2014: Costa, Dr Ana Rute (2014); Drawing diagrams to clarify your thinking; School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences, – Newcastle University
  • 2012: Costa, Dr Ana Rute (2012) – (invited lecture); The ethnographic method in the qualitative approach – Mestrado profissionalizante em Formação, Trabalho e Recursos Humanos da Universidade do Minho.
  • 2012: (invited Speaker) Dialogues and perspectives of young people about the city; Education dialogues – Education and culture in the city – Education Institute of Minho’s University; Braga; Portugal.


  • 2009-2015: Researcher at CIIE – FPCEUP – Porto, Portugal
  • 2005: Member of Ordem dos Arquitectos, Portugal



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