David Simpson

David Simpson

David Simpson is a Lecturer on BA (Hons) Animation and Visual Effects. Prior to joining NUA, he had a busy freelancing career in VFX, Architectural Visualisation, Game content creation, Animation, and Graphic Design.

Previously David was involved in developing and running the University of East Anglia Foundation Degree in Interactive Media (motion graphics) and lecturing on the BA (Hons) Music degree at City College Norwich.


I am currently co-authoring a photography and architecture book on Sachsenhausen concentration camp, in order to both convey the atmosphere present in the camp through visceral photography, and to investigate its underpinning architecture with an emphasis on why the camp was so unique during the Second World War.

In a similar vein, I have been working on a Virtual Reality reconstruction of the prison cells under Guildhall in Norwich City Centre.  Through a process of VFX capture techniques including LiDAR scanning, spherical and flat HDR photography, 3D modelling and texturing, and embedding within the Unreal Engine, the use of a VR headset brings an area usually off limits to the public to the spatial senses of the wearer.

This has accompanied many years of freelance work in a range of disciplines including VFX, Architectural Visualisation, Game content creation, Photography, Film, Graphic Design, Animation, and Music.

Research Outputs

  • 2010 – 2016: Freelance Digital Media Specialist on work including VFX and Architectural Visualisations for Portfolio Design Bolton; Graphics for the Olympics 2012; Game content, Animation and consultation for LARD Ventures, Europe wide headed by BAFTA award winner Keith Tutt; Film and Education SURF project for Mott MacDonald; Animation/VFX for James Fisher Group; Film work for Spartan Race Canada, and VFX for Harris Hawk Media.
  • 2013: Exhibition of Sachsenhausen photography at Anteros gallery, Norwich.
  • 2001 – 2014: Freelance Multimedia Specialist on work including Graphics and Photography for The Old Cinema; Websites for Dynamic Digital Imaging, Simon Lamb, and The Replicants; 3D translation of models for Grand Theft Auto 3; Music Composition for Nick Clarke, artist in Glass.


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