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Dan Turner

Dan Turner

Teaching film invigorates and inspires me as a creative.  It keeps me fresh and energised to see film students generate brilliant stories and bring them to life. It also keeps me on my toes!

Nurturing talent was the key factor that drew me into higher education.  Twenty years ago, when I started my journey as a filmmaker I had to learn the hard way, so I’m keen to pass on all my experiences, good and bad, to help a new generation of filmmakers and to find ways to inspire and motivate every student who aspires to make great work.

I was lucky enough to fulfil a dream of making films that have been screened around the world, and have generated some fabulous reviews and festival awards.

My work has been varied, and that’s something I have relished, the opportunity to move across genres such as sci-fi, horror and drama, and work with a huge diversity of talent, in front and behind the camera. Right from the start, I made myself learn the principle disciples of film – cinematography, editing and direction. This enabled me to make films on my own terms and to give them a distinctive look and feel.  

The NUA Film and Moving Image Production course resonates with me very strongly, because it shares that ethos of giving students the chance to try a range of the key disciplines in film. My feeling is that by increasing the skills our students have, we give them a greater diversity of opportunities, as well as enabling them to be self-sufficient and produce their own work.  Which is absolutely essential in today’s independent film and media industry.

As well as teaching at NUA, I continue in my practice as a filmmaker, with a new film to be released in 2016, and another feature film in development.



  • 2016: Learning to Breathe -Shoreline Entertainment Completed 2015
  • 2012: The Man Inside -Northstar Ventures, Nationwide theatrical release
  • 2011: Stormhouse -Scanner-Rhodes Prod’s, Edinburgh Film Festival
  • 2009: Girl Number 9 -Baker Coogan, USA/AUS/CAN Broadcast
  • 2009: Big Mistake -Magician Pictures Ltd, Short Film
  • 2008: Look at Me -Magician Pictures Ltd, Short Film
  • 2005: Experiment -Magician Pictures, Feature – 17 festival awards


  • 2015: Learning to Breathe – Shoreline Entertainment, Released 2015
  • 2012: The Man Inside -Northstar Ventures, Nationwide theatrical release
  • 2009: Big Mistake -Magician Pictures Ltd, Short Film
  • 2009: Mr Lonely -Baby Cow Productions, Eric Morecambe Novel adapt
  • 2008: Look at Me -Magician Pictures Ltd, Short Film
  • 2007: Spanky -Shoreline Entertainment, Novel adaptation

Other Activities

  • Mentor for the London Film Academy and an associate of the Education division of Picturehouse Cinemas


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