We Are MA: Doron Beuns, MA Fine Art

We Are MA: Doron Beuns, MA Fine Art

Artist Doron Beuns graduated from MA Fine Art in 2018. We find out how his practice is evolving and what he’s been working on since leaving NUA. 

What drove you to study Fine Art at NUA?

The interview I had with Marie Brennan initially drove me to study Fine Art at NUA. It seemed like Marie understood the context and conceptual kernel of art practice. She immediately linked my work to the resources that would be available at NUA and I really liked that pragmatism.

Can you tell me a bit about your practice?

I produce works of art that deal with the friction between selfhood and otherness. My early works explored this friction by attacking, destroying or deconstructing my self-portrait. This evolved into making self-representations that required the participation of other people along with their material possessions. Through this inquiry, I discovered that my art practice is really about inanimate objects being the shadow of living subjects. 

Why is your practice important to you?

My art practice is important to me because it allows me to act upon my creative impulses. I feel most present, alive and inquisitive when making new work. I am not suggesting that my art practice always makes me feel happy or at ease, but my art practice pushes me to utilise all my resources and competences. I like the idea of not wasting anything.

Work by Doron Beuns
Work by Doron Beuns

When you reflect on your time at NUA, what do you feel proudest about? Is there something that’s taken you on a particularly rewarding journey?

I am most proud of the work for my MA graduation show. The work very much depended on the expertise, politics and help of other people. It took the presentation of my work to another level and I am grateful for that.

This great collaborative experience confirmed my hypothesis; making a self-portrait requires something other than yourself. That realisation is still taking me on a very rewarding journey.

What inspired you about your lecturers, technicians and fellow students?

I am very fortunate to have encountered the friends, lecturers and technicians that I did on my NUA adventure. It was very inspiring to see how students and tutors from very different disciplines and interests were able to meaningfully engage with each other’s practices.

What have you been doing since leaving NUA?

Since leaving NUA I moved to Amsterdam, and I soon started writing for XIBT Magazine, a contemporary art magazine based in Italy. I have also been setting up a creative company with designer Etienne Cootjans. We are developing various designer items and art objects from one particular material. The first proposition will drop in April 2020, so watch out for that.

More recently, I teamed up with Soho House and Almost Not Done for an installation and performance that I produced in collaboration with fashion designer Tijme Veldt.

See more of Doron’s work on his website and Instagram