My five favourite places in Norwich

My five favourite places in Norwich

International student Sahil Bhardwaj travelled from India to study BA (Hons) Photography at NUA. He takes us on a photography tour of his five favourite spots in Norwich. 

Norwich Castle

1. Norwich Castle

The Castle has been a source of inspiration for me with its archaic motifs and almost brutalist form. The Castle Museum came in handy to understand the medieval architecture of Norwich for one of my BA (Hons) Photography projects.

The Royal Arcade

2. Royal Arcade

The Royal Arcade is another architectural gem in the heart of the city. It was designed by Norwich architect George Skipper in Art Nouveau style, and the exquisite details of the building have inspired me whenever I was looking for a fresh perspective.

Fye Bridge

3. Fye Bridge

The docks next to the Fye Bridge is one of the first places I visited as I was learning my way around NUA campus. This spot provides a scenic view of the Fye Bridge through the seasons while the view from the bridge presents the docks with NUA’s St George’s Building in the background.

Wensum Park

4. Wensum Park

One of the most accessible scenic views of River Wensum can be found around the Wensum park area. It’s a quaint spot to bathe in the summer sun while being minutes away from the city centre. I have lived within 10 minutes of the park for over three years and it never fails to amaze through the changing seasons.

Norwich Forum

5. Norwich Forum

During the summer months of my second year at university, Norwich Forum was my go-to place once the NUA library was closed for the day. It’s the most recently constructed of all my favourite places in Norwich and I find it an inspiring place to be.