How I launched a sell-out wellness event

How I launched a sell-out wellness event

BA (Hons) Fashion Communication and Promotion graduate Liza Koroleva talks us through how she launched her sell-out wellness event ‘Superself‘.


Launching an all-day event with a schedule of activities, lunch, speakers, goodie bags – I thought it would be easy peasy. It was actually really difficult. However, I would do it all over again.

‘Superself’ is a wellness platform aiming to de-stress, inspire and motivate individuals in becoming the best version of themselves. The platform also holds a regular series of events. The first event took place at Erpingham House in Norwich; activities included yoga and meditation, a motivation talk with fitness blogger Carly Rowena, a two course vegan lunch, a sensory essential oils workshop, a mini-massage and afternoon tea.


Living in London over the summer stemmed my obsession with wellbeing. Every person I surrounded myself with was obsessed with going to the next trendy gym or yoga class. I started to think whether wellbeing in London was more a temporary trend or a lifestyle choice.

Coming back to Norwich I felt less motivated; I felt not as many people were as involved with their personal wellbeing than people in London. When I began further research for my research report I became even more intrigued on the matter of health and wellness, and knew I had to bring that lifestyle to Norwich.

"The Fashion Communication and Promotion course allows you navigate towards your passion in whichever way you like with the confidence and guidance of the tutors helping you"

My interest in event planning began after interning for a few days at London Fashion Week. What I love about events is the energy. Everyone is there to share an experience. 

Taking my love for wellbeing and events and merging them together was the best thing I’ve ever done. The Fashion Communication and Promotion course allows you navigate towards your passion in whichever way you like, with the confidence and guidance of the tutors helping you achieve the best results. 

I began planning the Superself concept in the first term of Year 3, which in hindsight was brilliant as I’d figured out my Final Major Project (FMP) in the first term – it gave me a good head start. I would recommend figuring out your FMP early on so you can produce quality work with more time.


My course taught me to not be afraid to reach out; get yourself out there, email people you would like to work with, tell them how awesome you are and what you can bring to the table – that’s when you begin to move forward.

I contacted a local event planner and started to gain work experience. This allowed me to build a strong relationship with her which resulted in her helping me market my event to the right audience.

The most enjoyable part of launching an event is the contacts you build along the way and the positive response from the attendees. Being able to give people an experience they enjoyed, loved and learned something new from was extremely rewarding.

Now that I’ve graduated I hope to find full-time work in London but also continue Superself as a passion project, bringing more light-hearted wellbeing events to Norwich. So watch this space!