An interview with Katherine Horst

An interview with Katherine Horst

International BA (Hons) Animation student Katherine Horst talks about her decision to study in the UK, and what she loves most about Norwich.

Katherine Horst

What is your favourite thing about studying at NUA?

The people, the students and the tutors, and the visitors they bring in for lectures. It’s all very inspiring, everyone is so positive. Basically it’s a family here and I really love that.

How do you think your course has helped you grow?

I’ve certainly been pushed out of my comfort zone multiple times since being here, and I guess that’s made me a lot more outgoing. I didn’t really talk to anyone and now I can talk openly with anyone about my projects.

What do you think about the student experience at NUA?

Because of the clubs and societies here at NUA, there are so many different communities that I have become a part of. I have a lot of friends because of those. Everyone is always so welcoming and friendly.

As soon as I switched over to BA Animation I found friends immediately because I found people like me who like the same things. You can be more spontaneous here and that’s probably what I love most about this place.

"You can be spontaneous here and that's probably what I love most about this place"

Katherine Horst

What do you like about NUA’s campus?

There are a lot of resources here which are very accessible, like the media lab and you can borrow supplies like cameras or drawing tablets. The campus is gorgeous, everything is within walking distance, everything is very easy to find.

It’s nice living in a pedestrian town. Everyone here is very helpful, very friendly. If you are lost, someone will come up to you if you look confused and ask if you need help. The city has everything I need.

Where did you live in your first year?

I lived in All Saints Green which was right next to the bus station. It’s a lovely place, very cosy. I was fortunate enough to get a studio apartment which I had to myself. Where it was sat was very accessible and it was only about a 15 minute walk from campus which I really liked.

Why did you decide to study your degree in the UK?

I love cold weather! I thought, well ever since I was little I’ve always loved England and anything British. I love the BBC and very British television shows. I’m not sure why! And I thought, this would be the perfect opportunity to broaden my horizons, I just loved the idea of it.

Why should American students to study in the UK rather than studying at home?

You definitely get a different culture. English culture is quite different, it is a new perspective on life and it really pushes you outside your comfort zone if you’ve never studied abroad, even if you’re just going for a semester it’s very worth it. I would not have had it any other way.

Have you had any challenges coming to the UK?

Getting used to the currency was a bit challenging, you have a lot more coins than we do in America!

Also the accent. Some people who have come into the city from out in the country they have a thicker accent so I couldn’t really understand. But I’ve since gotten used to that. The weather here is definitely far milder than it is in America and I really appreciate that.

Katherine Horst

What advice do you have for researching courses and universities?

Keep your mind open; definitely don’t settle for what you know. Take a look at things that are maybe a little outside your comfort zone like I did. If you aren’t happy with your degree, there’s always time to switch to a different course.

What should someone consider when choosing their University?

Look at the location most definitely. The things they offer in the university like resources and facilities, and connections for work afterwards.

Take a look at the community of the university, the community as a whole. It might be a very independent university, everyone might be very separate from each other. Or you might have people working together more often, and that’s very important for some people.

What’s your favourite part about creating?

I love creating fantastical creatures, dragons and things, I just love that you can put anything together and just make a whole world out of it, a whole story. Specifically I just love acting like a god! Just creating anything.

Tell me about the animation projects you have been working on since you started at NUA.

I’m currently working on a character bestiary project where we had free range of the character we wanted to create and that was where I really flourished, it was such a fantastic project. It was very exciting.

What do you imagine yourself doing in 10 years’ time?

Working for an animation company doing concept art and bits of animation here and there. I would like to be head of concept art in some department of the company.

"I love creating fantastical creatures, dragons and things, I just love that you can put anything together and just make a whole world out of it, a whole story. "

Katherine Horst