5 top tips on building your brand

5 top tips on building your brand

Hermione Way, author, brand consultant and formerly Head of European Communications at Tinder visited campus in January 2020 to talk to students and graduates about how to grow a creative brand or business. Check out her top five tips for building a brand!

Portrait of Hermione Way

1. Think about your brand values and image.

Story is the most important thing- make sure you know what your brand stands for and the image you want to convey. This is your identity!

2. Do your research.

Who else is running a similar business to you, and what’s different about your brand? Take note of design trends and brand trends to keep in the loop.

3. Stay on top of current affairs.

Lots of brands are choosing to take political, environmental or social stances. Have an opinion if something means a lot to you and stay on top of current issues – you might be able to build a marketing or PR campaign around these.

4. Build your online platforms.

Keep on top of your online platforms and know your audience in each place. Think of partnerships you could do and try approaching other individuals or businesses – it may well benefit both sides.

5. Show your personality.

Humans are interested in other humans more than brands. You don’t have to share everything about your personal life but investors will want to invest in you as a person, so try to keep your business human and share some of your personality.