5 pieces of advice about Year 0

5 pieces of advice about Year 0

The Year 0, four year degree option at NUA gives you an extra year at the start of your degree to explore your creative ideas and begin to develop the practical skills, research techniques and ways of thinking that are essential to undergraduate success. 

We caught up with five students to find out their experience of studying on a 4 year degree course.

1. Leona Heung, BA (Hons) Graphic Design

I found Year 0 to be extremely helpful as it gave me an extra year to get to know the campus, the tutors and their expectations of work quality and quantity. Since there were less people on the Year 0 Graphics pathway, I felt a lot more comfortable approaching and speaking to people and it really helped me gain confidence in myself.

For anyone going into Year 0, I suggest getting to know people on different pathways as you never know when you’ll have a great opportunity to collaborate during your next few years at uni.

2. Daniel Franklin, BA (Hons) Film and Moving Image Production

After completing the Year 0 I found myself equipped with the ability to look at new projects with a more focused and creative understanding; that was only a strength moving forward into first year of my BA (Hons) Film and Moving Image Production.

I would urge anyone to do the Year 0 if you would love to study here, but feel as though you want an extra year to develop your creative mind. I loved being able to have a connection to my surroundings in Norwich this year before I pulled upon them to inspire my work and promote my skill set in year 1. 

"By the time I started Year 1, I already knew where everything was, how things work and where to go for advice.  "

3. Alessandro Morter, BA (Hons) Photography

Thanks to the Year 0, I have been encouraged to use many mediums to explore my visual communication in photography. I have very much enjoyed having my ideas challenged, as it has ensured that my thought processes are solid and I have a reason for my creative choices. 

For anybody going into Year 0 I would say to keep an open mind, never discard your ideas without trying them and always push your ideas to see how good they are. ​

4. Bethany Graham, BA (Hons) Film and Moving Image Production

When I was applying for university I was worried about my lack of technical knowledge, as I’ve always loved writing but operating a camera made me nervous. Year 0 allowed me time to learn the basics of cinematography and other new skills, as well as building my love for writing and production design.

I also met some of my closest friends during this year, as well as pursuing passions such as joining Storehouse magazine; six issues later, I now run the content team. Year 0 gave me so many opportunities and let me develop invaluable skills- I would recommend it!

5. Carl Durban, BA (Hons) Fine Art

Having been away from education for several years and as a mature student, I felt that Year 0 was the perfect introduction to university life. By gradually trying various workshops and exploring the amazing facilities on hand, it meant that by the time I started Year 1 I already knew where everything was, how things work and where to go for advice.  

I felt supported throughout the process and encouraged to continue developing ideas. This really was the perfect start for me.