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Private Accommodation

Norwich is one of the safest cities in the UK and has an abundance of high quality, affordable private accommodation close to the University.

Some students choose to rent a house privately in their first year. They enjoy the flexibility of choosing location and housemates. There is also more of a range in costs. Many students stay on for years in the same house so it begins to feel more like a home. If you choose private accommodation, the University will support you to make sure you find something suitable.

NUA holds a list of private landlords that is only available to NUA students and runs a ‘share list’ where you can find people to live with. There are also several NUA managed Facebook pages that will give you an opportunity to meet other students searching for houses or looking for housemates to fill one they have already found.

There is a good supply of reasonably priced accommodation in Norwich which includes rooms, flats and houses rented from private landlords/landladies, many of which have been registered with NUA for some time. Information regarding private accommodation is made available to all accepted students during the summer term. The Student Support team are happy to help students find rented accommodation in Norwich and the service offered includes:

  • Advice and Guidance at the University’s Open Days
  • Weekly updated list of house/flat share accommodation with other first year students
  • A ‘Living in the Community’ brochure produced in collaboration with UEA and City College Norwich
  • Help and advice on tenancy agreements, disputes and deposits, maintenance and repairs and approved agents and landlords

The average price for accommodation in the private sector is between £70.00 and £90.00 per week excluding bills and the utility bills (gas, electricity and water) usually amount to between £5.00 and £7.50 per week. It should be noted, however, that such accommodation has not been vetted by the University and any agreement made between the student and the landlord will be a private agreement. You can also search for accommodation in the local paper or at www.homes24.co.uk, try local accommodation agencies in Norwich or contact other students on our Year One Facebook page.

Once you have found a suitable property, you must come to some form of agreement with the landlord/landlady. A landlord/landlady may offer the prospective tenants individual contracts, i.e. each person has a tenancy agreement with only their own name on it, or a joint contract, where all the tenants’ names appear on one contract. Where tenants have individual agreements they are only responsible for their own rent and cannot, for example, be made liable for the rent of a fellow tenant who moves out.

Tenants who have a joint contract are ‘jointly and severally liable’. This means that each person is ultimately responsible for the whole rent and therefore if one person vacates the remaining tenants will be expected to make up the rent.

Before signing any agreement you should understand the clauses it contains. Be prepared to ask the landlord/landlady if you can take an agreement away to read it carefully before you sign it. Any reasonable landlord/landlady will be happy for you to do this. Remember, you are legally entitled to a copy of any contract you sign, so make sure that you are given one.

Under the Housing Act ’88, what is agreed when you sign the contract is of paramount importance. You could be evicted for breach of contract if you fail to abide by any of the clauses. The leaflet ‘Housing Act ’88 – Negotiating with Landlords/Landladies’ is essential reading.

If you have any questions please email accommodation@nua.ac.uk.

Students in private accommodation

Three students discuss their experiences of moving into private accommodation together.

Let us help you get settled in

Whether you are seeking to spend your first year in NUA’s halls of residence or move straight into one of Norwich’s high volume of student friendly private housing, NUA’s Accommodation office can provide comprehensive assistance and support.

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