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How to Apply

We receive many more applications than we can accept and so select students with a real commitment to their chosen subject.

The majority of applicants to courses at NUA will be invited to attend an interview. If you apply before the UCAS deadline in January the University guarantees to invite you to an interview. This provides an invaluable chance to meet face-to-face and is the major factor in determining the success of your submission. The interview is an opportunity to assess your work and the suitability of your application and also provides you with a chance to assess NUA’s staff, campus and facilities and ask questions.

The key focus of your application process is on your portfolio. Additional entry requirements for Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses may be required.

Find out more about NUA at Open Days and Education Fairs. For further information about the applications process, contact registry@nua.ac.uk.

Terms and conditions

Find out more about the terms and conditions of applying for a course at NUA.

Undergraduate Applications

Candidates for undergraduate courses should apply online through the Universities and College Admissions Service (UCAS). Be aware there are deadlines for UCAS to receive your application. Consideration of late submissions will depend on the number of applications and the take up of offers in that given year. Offers are made on the basis of merit.

Undergraduate Entry Requirements

Applications are judged on an interview, portfolio of work and qualifications. Applicants who aren’t ready to commence a degree may be offered a four year degree course.

Applying for Years Two or Three

You may wish to join a course at Year Two or Three. Clearly you will need to demonstrate you have achieved equivalent progress as those students who have been studying with NUA from Year One onwards. You are advised to discuss this with the relevant Course Leader directly prior to submitting a formal application. Course email addresses are given on the course pages.

Further Application Opportunities

If you don’t get an offer, or if you miss your grades or the deadline, find out about further application opportunities.

Postgraduate Applications

Applications to all postgraduate courses should be made directly to the Norwich University of the Arts using an MA Application Form. Find out more information about applying for a postgraduate course.

Applicants with Disabilities or Specific Learning Difficulties

NUA welcomes applications from all groups in the community including those with disabilities or specific learning difficulties. You are advised to contact the appropriate Course Leader (contact details available on the appropriate course pages) to discuss your situation before submitting a formal application.

The University encourages applicants to disclose information about a disability as early and as fully as possible as this allows us to put in place appropriate support. Failure to disclose a disability, or to give full information, may lead to a delay in the provision of that support. NUA is housed in a range of buildings that date from the medieval period onwards. While students with a variety of disabilities and specific learning difficulties have successfully studied at the University, the inaccessibility of some of our buildings may cause difficulties for wheelchair users, or those with mobility difficulties. Wherever possible we will make arrangements for you to visit the University in order that you may assess the learning environment at first hand. The University is fully committed to continuing its policy of improving and extending access where practicable and to increasing awareness of the requirements of people with disabilities and special needs.

Appeals and Complaints

The University has in place procedures to allow applicants to make an appeal against a decision on their application, or to make a complaint about procedures involved in the applications process. Please see the following documents for details:

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