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Our students are our greatest advocates. Watch them using their course resources and read about their opinions on their course.

Student in the NUA Fashion Studio

- Miriam Drnakova
BA Fashion

“Technical standards are set at a very high level and the quality of my work has improved significantly. I am certain that as a graduate I will be ready and well prepared to enter the fashion world.”

- Alicja Kurek
BA Fashion

“It’s changed the way I think about design. If possible the course has made me appreciate it even more. It covers the couture side of fashion but is also very commercially-focused. I feel I’m being prepared for the real world of employment and the course leader teaches a very disciplined approach to design while remaining open minded.

“The teaching staff are very patient covering the technical side of sewing and pattern cutting and the lecturers are able to talk from experience as designers at fashion labels. I’m already thinking about moving on to a Masters degree when I graduate and feel that working in fashion as a career would be the right pathway for me.”

Lucas in the NUA Design Studio

- Lucas Yeung
MA Communication Design

“I studied for my BA in Hong Kong and was keen to study abroad for MA. I was looking for a course that was professionally focused. Initially I was looking at US universities but the fees were very high. I decided on the UK and looked at university league tables.

“I only considered specialist creative universities because the workshops, facilities, library and teaching will all be geared towards creative subjects. I’d not even heard of Norwich before but it looked a lovely city. Location wasn’t my biggest concern the school itself was the most important thing to me.

“I like that we can attend workshops in a range of areas and learn different things. I’ve taken part in workshops in sculpture, painting, silk screen – it has really broadened my horizons. Seminars are good because the classes are small. The tutors talk about our work and we also get feedback from our peers – which is really valuable. Our tutors Dr Rob Hillier and Jaygo Bloom are interested in our progress and we meet regularly.

“We’ve had group projects where we work with students not on our course. It’s good to work with people with other skills and to get different perspectives from other disciplines. Our group worked on a project called ‘A good journey’ looking at improving the commuting experience in terms of transportation and the environment. We met each week and also shared ideas via a research blog. The project ended with a group presentation.

“My interview was by skype with Dr. Rob Hillier and Professor Hilary Carlisle and it worked fine and they were very flexible in the interview arrangements. I’d also printed out my portfolio and sent it to them to consider. Getting a visa sorted was also straight forward. NUA sent me a confirmation letter and I took this to the Embassy.

“I come from Hong Kong so in comparison Norwich is peaceful. I went to London during the Christmas break and really missed Norwich! The people are so nice here.”

Student in the Textiles Studio

- Nina Romlin Falk
BA Textiles

“There is a lot of freedom of choice in the course. Our lecturers encourage and help us to explore and find our own ways to develop our work. In this the technicians are a big help – they are very knowledgeable and interested in the work of the students. I use all textile resources, but also make use of other resources at our University, such as the metal workshop and the photo studio.”

Student in the NUA Design Studio

- Keng Vong
BA Graphic Communication

  • Best thing about Norwich?
    It’s smaller than some cities but big enough for there to be lots going on.
  • Favourite thing about NUA?
    The studios are great and the tutors are really nice.
  • Work you’re most proud of?
    My final year project – it uses QR Code.
  • Best trip out of the city?
    I like heading down to London to the Design Museum.
Student in the NUA Media Lab

- Simas Balciunas
BA Games Art and Design

“I am really enjoying the creative freedom of the course. I can mix and mash my fresh ideas with those from the past. Also, listening to visiting professionals makes me feel closer to the industry – it is encouraging to see that they are living and breathing human beings because that makes me believe that everything is possible.”

- Emily Underwood
BA Graphic Communication

“The course really exposes us to the design industry and provides opportunities to gain proper work experience during our studies. We respond to live briefs and learn how to approach them professionally. I’ve become very confident in my design skills and Adobe Creative Suite, but the strength of this course is that we’re encouraged to explore a range of methods in order to communicate a message or idea in the most effective way. There’s more to it than just graphics.”

Student working in the NUA Photography Studios

- Denisa Ilie
BA Photography

“The newly renovated Photography Studio is a wonderful base for my studies.”

Student in the NUA Photography Studios

- Kelly Colby
BA Photography

“My skills have increased exponentially through the briefs that are designed to expand our creative thinking and technical abilities. The technical support is an invaluable resource for the most ambitious projects a student chooses to undertake. The access to professional photographers in both staff and guest lecturers provides invaluable ‘insider’ knowledge and inspiration to prepare us to successfully navigate an exciting and competitive industry.”

Student working in the NUA Illustration Studio

Karla Alcazar Martinez
BA Illustration

“I am encouraged to be independent in my studies and am not obligated to follow a particular style. Tutors respect individuality a lot, so they will advise you respecting your own style. There is also really valuable help available from the technical staff who have a really positive attitude and are really approachable. This support encourages me to produce a unique final outcome.”

Student working in the NUA Design Studio

- Laura Carmona
BA Graphic Communication

“It’s a very practical degree and similar to working in the professional design environment. We are encouraged to work independently on the briefs and the lecturers help you to understand why some designs work and others do not. Because of their different professional experiences you gain a variety of opinions and are encouraged to experiment with different methods of working, such as video, animation and photography, meaning you develop different skills and push any that you particularly enjoy.”

Student in the NUA Design Studio

- Stephanie Kronenberg Aguirre
BA Graphic Design

“Staff lecturers are each specialised in different areas of professional graphic design. We can rely on their different professional opinions when it comes to our approach to different briefs, such as packaging, advertising and visual identity.”

Student by the Lecture Theatre entrance

- Jeanette Roberts
BA Fine Art

“The fact that most of the staff lecturers are contemporary artists themselves means they can transmit their valuable experiences and are more empathetic with the students’ experiences.”

Student working in the NUA Fine Art Studios

- Holly Chatburn
BA Fine Art

“My studio space is my centre of gravity – an adaptable space that can be used for whatever I need. Having it allows me to experiment with lots of ideas at once as I develop my practice. I have also made the most use of the 3D workshop an the library at NUA. The technicians will help you make absolutely anything that you can think of. The 3D workshop has been where I have learned the most about what I am capable of creating.”

- Max Boehlen
BA Film and Moving Image Production

“I had expected my study to be an individual experience but in fact there is a lot of communication. On set we work with second and third years and that interaction is very helpful. There’s also a great social scene – Norwich offers a young environment and in a short time I found friends on the course. The tutors push you to get the best out of the DSLR cameras and you get in touch with industry early. Next year we pitch a web series to industry people who select the projects that we go forward with. Next I want to study a Masters degree, maybe in another country, and ultimately I want to realise my ambition to direct.”

Student working in the NUA Sound Studio

- Adrian Ardelean
BA Film and Moving Image Production

“The course prepares you for the real world. We have a lot of guest speakers which gives us direct access to important people from the film industry that one day might become our employers. We are learning the most important thing in today’s business world, and that is how to sell yourself and your product.”

Student in Media Lab

- Stephanie Brandl
BA Animation

“Presenting to representatives from industry is scary but rewarding. I’ve learned how to present myself in a professional manner.”